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2014Realizaciones posmemorísticas desde la perspectiva de género y el transatlantismo en los umbrales del siglo XXICardona Núñez, Nohora Viviana; De Diego-Perez, Fernando
2014La réalisation du droit au logement par les acteurs non-étatiques de l'humanitaire en contexte post-catastrophe: Le cas haïtienMathieu, Fedora; Robitaille, David; Lamarche, Lucie
2014The Making of the Everyday: A Study of Habits in Colonial Ghana (Gold Coast) during the Early Twentieth CenturyMoyes, Samantha; Terretta, Meredith
2014Three Essays on Environmental Economics: Subsidies, Free Riding, and Public ShamingMorgan, Edward Dylan; Shiell, Michael; Heyes, Anthony; Rivers, Nicholas
2014Functional Studies of Dopamine-D2S Receptor Signaling through the RASA3 PathwayChang, Chao; Albert, Paul
2014Low-Noise 24 GHz 0.15μm GaAs pHEMT Gilbert Cell Mixer for Intelligent Transportation System Radar ReceiverBashar Z.J. Asad; Yagoub, Mustapha C. E.; Nakhla, Michel
2014A Journey through a Collective Environmental Conscience Metanarrative: The Case of Goletta VerdeCorriveau, Marianne; Young, Nathan
2014Using Wikipedia Knowledge and Query Types in a New Indexing Approach for Web Search EnginesAl-Akashi, Falah Hassan Ali; Inkpen, Diana
2014Mothers of the Revolution: Barrio Women’s Social Activism and Agency in the Bolivarian ProcessCaswell, Calais M.; Spronk, Susan
2014The Foederati, the Phoideratoi, and the Symmachoi of the Late Antique East (ca. A.D. 400-650)McMahon, Lucas; Greatrex, Geoffrey