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2010Secondary School Mathematics Teachers' Views of Manipulatives and Their Use in the ClassroomJones, Adrian; Suurtamm, Christine
2010Re-Inventing the Past, Defining the Future: Historical Representations and Regional Development in the Russian NorthwestSorokina, Alfia; Florez-Malagon, Alberto
2010The Biodistribution of 14C in the Digestive Organs of Rats Fed [14C]CD14 ProteinDavis, Laura D. R.; Mack, David R.; Altosaar, Illimar
2010The Adaptation of South Sudanese Christian Refugees in Ottawa, Canada: Social Capital, Segmented Assimilation and Religious OrganizationLovink, Anton; Beyer, Peter
2010CEMA: Comfort Control and Energy Management Algorithms for Use in Residential Spaces Through Wireless Sensor NetworksHenry, Rami F.Z.; Mouftah, Hussein T.
2010The Characterization of Bimodal Droplet Size Distributions in the Ultrafiltration of Highly Concentrated Emulsions Applied to the Production of BiodieselFalahati, Hamid; Tremblay, André Y.
2010To the Heart of the Continent: Canada and the Negotiation of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project, 1921-1954Macfarlane, Daniel W. D.; Durflinger, Serge
2010Reasoning Using Higher-Order Abstract Syntax in a Higher-Order Logic Proof Environment: Improvements to Hybrid and a Case StudyMartin, Alan J.; Felty, Amy P.
2010Comprendre les pratiques d'une enseignante de musique instrumentale au secondaire en tenant compte des concepts de représentations et de motivationsBenoît, Josée; Théberge, Mariette
2010L’agentivité et la naissance de la femme-sujet dans la littérature algérienne contemporaineVan Deventer, Rachel; Kavwahirehi, Kasereka