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201517-O NMR on Crystalline Hydrades Hydrates: Impact of Hydrogen BondingNour, Sherif
20132D Effects of Anisotropy on the Ductile Fracture of TitaniumAzhar, Mishaal
20173D Densely Connected Convolutional Network for the Recognition of Human Shopping ActionsGu, Dongfeng
20163D Numerical Modelling of Secondary Current in Shallow River Bends and ConfluencesShaheed, Rawaa
20173D Regional Geological Modelling in Structurally Complex Environments: Gaining Geological Insight for the Northern Labrador TroughMontsion, Rebecca
20113D Segmentation of Cam-Type Pathological Femurs with Morphological SnakesTelles O'Neill, Gabriel
20153D Sensing and Tracking of Human GaitYang, Lin
20113D Surface Analysis for the Automated Detection of Deformations on Automotive PanelsYogeswaran, Arjun
20133D Tongue Reconstruction from Two Orthogonal Ultrasound ImagesAhadipour, Ava
20153D Visualization of Heterogeneous User Interactions in a Social NetworkPei, Wanjun
20145-and 6-Membered Hydrazides as Potential Catalysts for Diels-Alder CycloadditionsBiggs, Robyn A.
2012A 3-D Numerical Study of Flow, Coherent Structures and Mechanisms Leading to Scour in a High Curvature 135° Channel Bend with and Without Submerged GroynesKashyap, Shalini
2015A 3D Framework for the Musculoskeletal Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance ImagesMoghadas Tabatabaei Zavareh, Seyed Mehdi
2014A Biofeedback-Based Physical Activity Advisory SystemBadawi, Hawazin Faiz
2011A Biomechanical Study of Angular Momentum and External Moments During a Ballet TurnWalters-Stewart, Coren
2012A Case Study of Alberta’s Future Leaders Program (AFL): Developing Aboriginal Youth Leadership through Cross-cultural Mentorship, and Sport, Recreation, and Arts ProgrammingGalipeau, Miriam
2012A Case Study of Outside Looking In (OLI): A Youth Development through Recreation Program for Aboriginal PeoplesRovito, Alana
2014A Case Study of the Use of the Game Minecraft and Its Affinity Spaces for Information Literacy Development in Teen GamersBebbington, Sandra
2015A Chinese Bite of Translation: A Translational Approach to Chineseness and Culinary IdentityXue, Jingnan
2015A Civilized Society? The Culture of Punishment in CanadaHughes, Andrea
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