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1989X chromosome inactivation and the Pgk-1 gene methylation and mapping studies using female embryonal carcinoma cells.Bartlett, Molly Harding.
1988X chromosome inactivation and the phosphoglycerate kinase gene family.Adra, Chaker Nadim.
1985X chromosome inactivation in mouse embryonal carcinoma cells.Paterno, Gary David.
1980X-chromosome activity and embryonal carcinoma cells.Featherstone, Mark Stephen.
1972X-ray fluorescence and the quaternary system, Ga [subscript x] In [subscript l-x] As [subscript y] Sb [subscript l-y].Martel, Denis.
2-Apr-2015X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy measurements of avalanches and hysteresis in Shape Memory AlloysPerez, Daniel
2007Xenophobia and social exclusion: Experiences of female Rwandan refugees in South AfricaBarnabe, Paula
2009XIAP (X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis) gene therapy protects photoreceptors in an animal model of retinal detachment-induced apoptosisZadro-Lamoureux, Laura
2004XIAP-mediated rescue of ischemic neural rat retina from deathRenwick, Joanna
1989Xo┼żdenie Bogorodicy po mukam = The Journey of the Mother of God through the torments of hell : a literary and textological study of a Kievan Rus╩╣eschatological apocryphon.Zayachkowski, Jennie.
2004xPheve: An extensible physics engine for virtual environmentsNourian, Saeid
1989Yawo resistance to Christian marriage? Possibilities of a local theology of marriage.Kapito, Thomas Peter.
11-Jun-2014Years of life lost to incarceration: inequities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal CanadiansOwusu-Bempah, Akwasi; Kanters, Steve; Druyts, Eric; Toor, Kabirraaj; Muldoon, Katherine A; Farquhar, John W; Mills, Edward J
2014Yeast as a Model for the Study of Fusarium graminearum ResistanceGunter, Amanda
2004"Yesterday, today, and forever": The mythic foundations of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States and CanadaBryant, Andrew M
11-May-2016Yield and Efficiency of Mental Health Screening: A Comparison of Screening Protocols at Intake to PrisonMartin, Michael S; Potter, Beth K; Crocker, Anne G; Wells, George A; Colman, Ian
1993Yield study of gallium arsenide VLSI circuits.Djadi, Younes.
1993Yielding to leading questions: Social motives and predisposing personalities.Milstone, Carol.
1994Yields of multicharged ions scattered and recoiled from a clean silicon surface.Gauthier, Pierre.
27-Sep-2014You are how you recruit: a cohort and randomized controlled trial of recruitment strategiesMaghera, Amy; Kahlke, Paul; Lau, Amanda; Zeng, Yiye; Hoskins, Chris; Corbett, Tom; Manca, Donna; Lacaze-Masmonteil, Thierry; Hemmings, Denise; Mandhane, Piush
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