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2014Vaccination of BALB/c Mice with an Alhydrogel Adjuvanted Whole Cell Trichomonas vaginalis FormulationSmith, Jeffrey D.
2016Vacuum Desiccant Cooling for Personal Heat Stress ManagementYang, Yifan
1998Valeurs sous-jacentes à la polarité domination-soumission dans le couple et leur évolution : étude clinique de cas.Garilus, Guillaume.
2009Validating legal compliance: Governance analysis methodHassan, Wael A
2015Validating Transgenic Farmington Viruses for the Treatment of Glioblastoma MultiformeRowe, Katelynn
1992Validation d'un modèle de ruissellement urbain et l'acheminement de l'eau dans les canaux.Djebbar, Yassine.
2007Validation des méthodes de prescription d'intensité d'exercice chez les obèses sédentairesPinet, Bernard
7-Apr-2016Validation of administrative database codes for acute kidney injury in kidney transplant recipientsMolnar, Amber O; van Walraven, Carl; McArthur, Eric; Fergusson, Dean; Garg, Amit X; Knoll, Greg
1993Validation of an inverse dynamics method to predict joint kinetics in the absence of dynamometry.Barden, John M.
2011Validation of Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Body Composition Assessment Methodologies in the Obese Pediatric PopulationBreithaupt, Peter G.
28-Jan-2010Validation of differential gene expression algorithms: Application comparing fold-change estimation to hypothesis testingYanofsky, Corey M; Bickel, David R.
18-May-2015Validation of kidney transplantation using administrative dataLam, Ngan N; McArthur, Eric; Kim, S J; Knoll, Gregory A
2016Validation of Observed Bedload Transport Pathways Using Morphodynamic ModellingMineault-Guitard, Alexandre
30-Nov-2015Validation of parent-reported physical activity and sedentary time by accelerometry in young childrenSarker, Hrishov; Anderson, Laura N; Borkhoff, Cornelia M; Abreo, Kathleen; Tremblay, Mark S; Lebovic, Gerald; Maguire, Jonathon L; Parkin, Patricia C; Birken, Catherine S
18-Nov-2010Validation of population-based disease simulation models: a review of concepts and methodsKopec, Jacek A; Finès, Philippe; Manuel, Douglas G; Buckeridge, David L; Flanagan, William M; Oderkirk, Jillian; Abrahamowicz, Michal; Harper, Samuel; Sharif, Behnam; Okhmatovskaia, Anya; Sayre, Eric C; Rahman, M M; Wolfson, Michael C
2011Validation of Surrogate Outcomes: Application to Biomarkers of AtherosclerosisKhan, Maryam
2006Validation of the Basal Temperature of Snow (BTS) method to map permafrost in complex mountainous terrain, Ruby Range, Yukon Territory and Haines Summit, British ColumbiaBonnaventure, Philip P
19-May-2011Validation of the conceptual research utilization scale: an application of the standards for educational and psychological testing in healthcareSquires, Janet E; Estabrooks, Carole A; Newburn-Cook, Christine V; Gierl, Mark
1997Validation of the TRISS model of survival in blunt trauma patients using the Ontario Trauma Registry.Garber, Bryan G.
1995Validity and reliability of the Ottawa Mental Skills Assessment tool (OMSAT-3).Durand-Bush, Natalie.
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