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2016(U-Th)/He Thermochronology of the Ottawa Embayment, Eastern Canada: the Temperature-time History of an Ancient, Intracratonic Rift BasinHardie, Rebecca
2014Ubiquitous Biofeedback Multimedia SystemsAl Osman, Hussein
2005Ubiquitous over-expression of human X-linked inhibitor apoptosis (XIAP) in a transgenic mouse and implications for tumorigenesisDunkley, Rosamund
8-Apr-2014UCP3 Protein Expression and Mitochondrial Content in UCP3 KO and WT MiceKim, Kijoo
4-Sep-2015Uhuru Kenyatta vs. The International Criminal Court: Narratives of Injustice & SolidarityHodgins, Stefanie
1986Ujamaa socialism in Tanzania. A theological assessment.Magesa, Laurenti.
1975Ukrainian Canadian youth: A history of organizational life in Canada, 1907--1953Migus, Paul Michael
1977Ukrainian cultural traditions in Canada: Theatre, choral music and dance, 1891-1967.Pritz, Alexandra.
2010Ukrainian Sentiments and Canadian Sustenance: In Remembrance of the 1932--1933 Great Famine (the Holodomor)Mokrushyna, Halyna
1951Ukrainska kanadiiska poeziiaZmurkevych, Stefania
1966Ukrainska proza Marka VovchkaZorych, IAroslava
2017Ultra-Fast Photonic Signal Processors Based on Photonic Integrated CircuitsLiu, Weilin
2006Ultra-high spatial resolution diagnostics of femtosecond laser radiation-induced modification morphology in glasses for the fabrication of microfluidic and microphotonic componentsHnatovsky, Cyril
2007Ultrafast infrared laser fabrication of fibre Bragg gratings with a phase maskSmelser, Christopher W
2018Ultrasonic Pretreatment: Impact on Solubilization, Biogas Production and Kinetics of Anaerobic Digestion of Conventional and Biofilm Waste SludgesRoebuck, Peter
1973Ultrastructural and cytochemical analysis of the differentiation of ovarian follicular cells : a comparative and embryological study.Rahil, Huldeep Singh.
1994Ultrastructural characteristics of yolk in the chicken egg. Mechanisms for yolk absorption and its digestion by the yolk sac at different stages of embryonic development.Allan-Wojtas, Paula.
1981Ultrastructure of sensory units on the first antennae of calanoid copepods.Barrientos Chacon de Avendano, Yolanda.
2008UML profile for goal-oriented modellingAbid, Muhammad Rizwan
2013Umple C++ Code GeneratorSultan, Almaghthawi
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