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1972T Borowski's vision of the concentration camp universeOstrowski, Odon Leopold
1993T cell receptor (TCR) for antigen: A comparative study between the TCR alpha/beta and TCR gamma/delta subsets in noninfected and HIV infected individuals.Lacroix, France.
1962T S Eliot's "Four Quartets": Its relation to music, and its dependence upon musical form and techniquesHubbard, Gilbert K
1960T S Eliot's rose symbol: Its significations in mythology, folk-lore, historic incident, and religionColeman, Rosemary
2012“[T]he subtle but powerful cement of a patriotic literature”: English-Canadian Literary Anthologies, National Identity, and the CanonHughes, Bonnie K.
7-May-2014TA-CD Vaccine: An Innovative Treatment for Cocaine Addiction?Attiah, Yasmeen; Sweeney, Angele
2005Taboo language and the ESL learner: An ethnographic studyWaterhouse, Monica
2011Tabular Representation of Schema Mappings: Semantics and AlgorithmsRahman, Md. Anisur
2009Tackling the World’s Toughest Challenges: Integrating Business and Social Innovation for a successful 21st centuryGaffield, Chad
2017Tactile Feedback for Dexterous Manipulation Operations using Assistive Prosthetic FingersKucherhan, Daniel
1993Tactile pattern recognition using neural networks.Colven, David Michael.
29-Mar-2010Tactile-dependant corticomotor facilitation is influenced by discrimination performance in seniorsTremblay, François; Master, Sabah
5-Mar-2010Tactile-dependant corticomotor facilitation is influenced by discrimination performance in seniorsMaster, Sabah; Tremblay, François
2002Taille de la firme, performance économique et marchés financiersAdjaoud, Fodil
7-Sep-2011Tailored implementation for chronic diseases (TICD): A project protocolWensing, Michel; Oxman, Andy; Baker, Richard; Godycki-Cwirko, Maciek; Flottorp, Signe; Szecsenyi, Joachim; Grimshaw, Jeremy; Eccles, Martin
1984Tailoring decomposition algorithms to efficiently Solve large scale energy planning problemsDebanné, Joseph G.
2016Tailoring the Modal Structure of Bright Squeezed Vacuum States of Light via Selective AmplificationLemieux, Samuel
2008Taiwanese university students with hearing impairment: A case study of their experiences and of factors contributing to persistence in their studiesLee, Shu-Fen Chang
2-Apr-2015Taking into account significant activities in volunteering with residents with dementiaTassé-Baby, Marie-Louise
2012Taking Métis Indigenous Rights Seriously: 'Indian' Title in s. 31 of the Manitoba Act, 1870O'Toole, Darren
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