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1971R and D activities: Considerations of a strategy for CanadaLamontagne, Pierre
1971R factors of enteric bacteria with special reference to the Rfi- factors isolated from Salmonella.Khatoon, Hajra.
1993R&D and product orientation: major determinants of the initial export propensity of entrepreneurial high-tech firmsDoutriaux, Jérôme
2000R&D centres of excellence in CanadaEnsign, Prescott C.; Birkinshaw, Julian M.; Frost, Tony S.
Aug-2017R&D Expenditure and Firm Performance in ChinaYu, Zhiyuan
2003R: a statistical toolNash, John C.
1978Rabbit liver beta-N-acetylhexosaminidases: Purification, physical properties and substrate specificity.Hoffman, Barry R.
27-Jun-2014Rac2 is involved in bleomycin-induced lung inflammation leading to pulmonary fibrosisArizmendi, Narcy; Puttagunta, Lakshmi; Chung, Kerri L; Davidson, Courtney; Rey-Parra, Juliana; Chao, Danny V; Thebaud, Bernard; Lacy, Paige; Vliagoftis, Harissios
Aug-2017Race, culture, and identity: An exploration of Dominican identity and race-based discriminations against Haitians in the Dominican RepublicTorres, Jonathan Rentas
2011Race, Gender and the Billboard Top 40 Charts between 1997 and 2007Durr, Jean
2006Race, imprisonment, and reintegration: Reflections of Black male ex-prisonersHarewood, Anne Veronica
2008Rachid Boudjedra autotraducteurGhadie, Heba Alah
1996Rachilde et la subversion parodique.Mitsis, Ifiyeneia Marjorie.
1977Racial desegregation and integration in American education: The case history of West Virginia State College, 1891--1973Kalme, Albert P
2014Racialized Immigrant Women Responding to Intimate Partner AbuseLucknauth, Christeena
1973Radial and longitudinal propagation of flux jumps in type II superconducting cylinders in axial fields.Bussière, Jean F.
1988Radiation and scattering of structures above perfect and imperfect ground.Chan, Elim.
1988Radiation from microstrip transmission lines.Simpson, John P.
2000Radiation-induced apoptosis and the adaptive response in human lymphocytes.Cregan, Sean P.
1995Radiation-induced electrolyte transport dysfunction in the rat intestine: Role of nitric oxide.Aurora, Alexander R.
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