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2005P-cycle in multi-layer and multi-failure network survivabilityWang, Hongxia
2013P-Cycle-based Protection in Network VirtualizationSong, Yihong
2007p-p plots and precedence tests for planar point processesJordan, Adriana
1960p-Toluenesulphonyl and anhydro derivatives of sucrose.Barrette, Jean Philippe.
2016P-Wave Study of the San Andreas Fault Near Parkfield, CA, from Ambient Noise Interferometry of Borehole Seismic DataMosher, Stephen
1992P. T. Forsyth: An early twentieth century theology of the cross.Faught, Barbara A.
2006P107 negatively regulates the neural precursor pool by repressing Hes1 transcriptionWylie, Crystal A
1994P300 and cognitive ability: Processing demands, equivocation, and speed of processing during simple cognitive tasks.Houlihan, Michael Edward.
2007p38 MAPK signaling regulates recruitment of Ash2L-containing methyltransferase complexes to specific genes during differentiationRampalli, Shravanti; Li, LiFang; Mak, Esther; Ge, Kai; Brand, Marjorie; Tapscott, Stephen J.; Dilworth, Francis Jeffrey
2006P53 target genes in the regulation of neuronal cell deathFortin, Andre J. J
1999Packet voice over non-QoS networks.Xu, Tie.
1999Pagenumber problem.Kapoor, Nidhi.
2016Pain as the neglected patient safety concern: Five years onTwycross, A.; Forgeron, P.; Chorney, J.; Backman, C.; Finley, G. A.
2016Painter, PainterChae, Elle
1973Paleoecological studies of three Late-Quaternary lacustrine deposits from the Kingston region and some geochemical observations of bottom surface sediments of lakes from Southwestern QuebecOuellet, Marcel H
1995Paleoecology and sedimentology of late Silurian biogenic structures in the Duoro and Devon Island Formations on western Devon and southwestern Ellesmere Islands, Arctic Canada.Sweet, Natalie L.
2013Paleoflood History of an Oxbow Lake in the Désert River Catchment Area, Southwestern Québec, CanadaOliva, François
2016Paleoproterozoic Metamorphism, Deformation and Exhumation of Mid-Crustal Rocks of the Trans-Hudson Orogen on Hall Peninsula, Baffin IslandSkipton, Diane
2014Palestinian Youth Perceptions of the Palestinian-Israeli ConflictAlsousi, Husam
2008Palladium catalyzed carbon-carbon bond formation at carbon-hydrogen bondsCampeau, Louis-Charles
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