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1951O niektorych faktach fonetycznych jezyka polskiego w stanach zjednoczonych Ameryki polnocnej w zwiazku z czynnikami ksztaltujacymi jezyk emigracyjnySklodowski, Wlodzimierz A
1992Oat beta-glucan: Biochemistry, structure and genetic variation.Miller, S. Shea.
1993Oat seed storage protein genes: Promoter studies in transgenic tobacco plants.Potier, Bernard.
21-Aug-2013Obamacare and American National IdentityDeonandan, Raywat
2008Obesity and academic performance of Canadian school children: A prospective study using the first five waves of the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and YouthCarter, Megan A
25-May-2011Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Prevalence in Adults from Two Remote First Nations Communities in Northwestern Ontario, CanadaImbeault, Pascal; Haman, François; Blais, Jules M.; Pal, Shinjini; Seabert, Tim; Krümmel, Eva M.; Robidoux, Michael A.
2009Obesity-associated diabetes, the human AMPKgamma3 R225W mutation and skeletal muscle metabolismCrawford, Sean A
2014Obituary: Michael B. Katz, 1939-2014Gaffield, Chad
2012Object removal in multi-view images using disparity layering and piecewise homographyHo, Tan; Dansereau, Richard M.; Dubois, Eric
2010Object Tracking Sensor Networks using Sequential Patterns in an Energy Efficient Prediction TechniqueAl-Hajri, Muhannad Khaled
1995Object-oriented programming in river water quality control.Spanou, Maria N.
1993Object-oriented tools for visualization of multi-sensor data.Andronic, Catalin.
24-Mar-2016Objectively measured patterns of sedentary time and physical activity in young adults of the Raine study cohortMcVeigh, Joanne A; Winkler, Elisabeth A H; Howie, Erin K; Tremblay, Mark S; Smith, Anne; Abbott, Rebecca A; Eastwood, Peter R; Healy, Genevieve N; Straker, Leon M
Aug-2014Objectivity, Subjectivity and Statistical EvidenceEvans, Michael
2016The Obligation of the Christian Faithful to Maintain Ecclesial Communion with Particular Reference to Ordinatio SacerdotalisBrennan, Cecilia
2011Observational Analysis of Injury in Youth Ice Hockey: Putting Injury into ContextCharles, Boyer
2016Observational Learning of Junior Residents During Surgery: Exploring Promoters and Barriers to LearningRaîche, Isabelle
1960Observations of redwinged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus phoeniceus) distribution in the Ottawa area.Vaillancourt, Jean.
1997Observations on the development and code of the pre-elegiac paraklausithuron.Cummings, Michael S.
1995Observations on the Study of Byzantine Hagiography in the Last Half-Century or Two Looks Back and One Look ForwardŠevčenko, Ihor
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