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2005N-heterocyclic carbenes as activating ligands in hydrogenation catalysts: Synthetic and catalytic studiesDharmasena, Ureshini Lasantha
2015n-Hexadecane, Petroleum Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels for a Direct Hydrocarbon Phosphoric Acid Fuel CellZhu, Yuanchen
2016N-Isocyanates : Versatile Intermediates in Heterocyclic SynthesisVincent-Rocan, Jean-François
1977N.M.R. below 1 K with a S.Q.U.I.D. magnetometer.O'Connell, M. D.
1950NA Nekrasov---"Minstrel of the People's Sorrow"Baums, Nataly
2005Nadia Boulanger and "La Ville Morte": En'gendering' a woman's role in the making of an operaFrancis, Kimberly
1992NAFTA: the competitiveness challengeLévy, Brigitte
16-Mar-2016Nail gun injuries to the head with minimal neurological consequences: a case seriesMakoshi, Ziyad; AlKherayf, Fahad; Da Silva, Vasco; Lesiuk, Howard
2000Naip (the murine homologue of NAIP) expression during mouse embryogenesis.Ingram-Crooks, Jennifer.
1990Naissance du concept de la maladie mentale dans l'occident moderne.Labelle, Paul.
1999Naissance et développement de l'affaire du sang contaminé au Canada.Vallée, Stéphane.
1980Naissance et évolution des maternelles dans les documents officiels du gouvernement québécois.Morissette, Pierrette.
1994Naissance, implantation et mise en oeuvre de la polyvalence des apprentissages scolaires dans le système éducatif québécois.Mallet, Francis-Jean.
2003Naked Waneek Horn-Miller: Incredible performances call for reinterpretationHenrie, Karine Jacynthe
2017Nano-composite Membranes and Zero Thermal Input Membrane Distillation for Seawater DesalinationBaghbanzadeh, Mohammadali
2016Nano-engineering of Strong Field Processes in SolidsA, Kazi
2007Nanohybrid and nanocomposite materials from kaoliniteEl Bokl, Tamer A
25-Mar-2014Nanopore Fabrication by Controlled Dielectric BreakdownKwok, Harold; Briggs, Kyle; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent
2012Nanoscale topography analysis of Titanium disksChawla, Apoorv
2015Nanostructure and Engineering Properties of 1.4 nm Tobermorite, Jennite and other Layered Calcium Silicate HydratesPourbeik, Pouya
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