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2010K(ATP) channel Kir62 subunit distribution differs between muscles and between fiber types in skeletal muscleBanas, Krystyna Anna
2010K+ -induced force potentiationCouvrette, Jean-François
1998K-exchange technique for optimization over permutationsSidney, Jeffrey B; Levin, M. Sh
2015k-Nearest Neighbour Classification of Datasets with a Family of DistancesHatko, Stan
13-May-2008K2D2: Estimation of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectraPerez-Iratxeta, Carolina; Andrade-Navarro, Miguel A
1999Ka-band holographic antennas.Lévis, Kathia.
2011Kaddish for my Father, de Liba (Libby) Scheier et l'écho de la Kabbale : une méditation / traductionDesroches, Joanne
1975Kalman estimation and control of the attitude of the dual-spin geostationary satellite.Cheng, Peter Ho Wing.
2012Kant and Moral ResponsibilityHildebrand, Carl H.
2011Kant and the Meaning of Freedom in Hegel's Phenomenology of SpiritLeBlanc, Richard
1997Kant dans la Krisis : analyse du rôle et de la critique de Kant dans le discours du dernier Husserl.Lapointe, Sandra.
1992Kant et Nietzsche: Filiation et opposition.Larochelle, Élaine.
1999Kant's Leibniz-critique in the amphiboly chapter of the "Critique of Pure Reason".Sears, Robert.
2014Kant's School of Morals: The Challenge of Radical Evil and the Need for Moral Education in Religion within the Limits of Reason AloneGoski, Joseph Wyllie
2014Kantian Ethics and the Formula of Humanity: Towards Virtues and EndsBachour, Omar
1962Karen Horney's theory of neurosis: An Aristotelian-Thomistic critique: With an introduction to the school of interpersonal relationsPetraroja, Sergio D
1983Karl Barth's theological development a response to liberalism.Collins, Alice M.
1983Karl Popper's claim to realistic epistemology a philosophical analysis and critique.Ryan, William L.
1965Karl Rahner and the criterion of inspiration: A study of the norms for placing a book on the Canon from the human point of viewWard, Miriam
1979Karl Rahner's theory of revelation.Smith, Ann Clare.
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