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2010I am Inuk Watch me growNAHO
2013“I Bid My Hideous Progeny Go Forth and Prosper”: Frankenstein’s Homosocial Doubles and Twentieth Century American LiteratureFrampton, Sara
2016“I didn’t have time to find the English words”: The Korean War’s Role in the Evolution of Bilingualism in the Canadian Armed ForcesLabrosse, Julien
11-Nov-2013“I just NEED to move…”: examining women’s passion for physical activity and its relationship with daily affect and vitalityGuérin, Eva; Fortier, Michelle S; Williams, Tamara
2013“I Refuse to Give Up!” A Qualitative Investigation of the Conditions and Experience Undergone by Students on Academic Probation Who Participated in Academic Companioning in a University ContextArcand, Isabelle
2016"I Saw Myself Released": The Impact of Modernization on Women's Literature in Pre-Revolution Iran, 1941-1979Nasim, Mogharab
2011"I seemed to understand": Mothers' Experiences of the Schooling of Their Children with Multiple DisabilitiesBrown, Martha
1960I T Pososkhov as a writer and thinker of XVIII centuryPapmehl, K. A
2010"I think it well to search for truth everywhere": Religious Identity and the Construction of the Self in L M Montgomery's "Selected Journals"Thomson, Heather
2014"I'le Tell My Sorrowes Unto Heaven, My Curse to Hell": Cursing Women in Early Modern DramaTemplin, Lisa Marie
2012"I'm not racist, but that's funny": Registers of Whiteness in the Blog-o-sphereLowe, Nichole E
2015"I'm Supposed to Relate to This?": A Trans Woman on Issues of Identification with Trans Moving ImagesClayman, Valérie Robin
2003i-360sexual versus non-sexual mistreatment of employeesLapierre, Laurent M; Spector, Paul E
4-May-2015I-RREACH: an engagement and assessment tool for improving implementation readiness of researchers, organizations and communities in complex interventionsMaar, Marion; Yeates, Karen; Barron, Marcia; Hua, Diane; Liu, Peter; Lum-Kwong, Margaret M; Perkins, Nancy; Sleeth, Jessica; Tobe, Joshua; Wabano, Mary J; Williamson, Pamela; Tobe, Sheldon W
1963I. Effects of several factors on the spontaneous running activity of white rats ; II. Excretion of catechol amines by white rats at room temperature and in the cold.Smith, Lorraine C.
2015I. Preparation of β-amino Sulfoxides as Potential Selective Connexin Inhibitors II. Synthesis of Isoxylitone Analogues for the Treatment of EpilepsySaikaley, Amanda
2011I. The Enantioselective Synthesis of Chiral Allenyl Carbonyl Compounds and Their Use as Synthetic Intermediates II. Rhodium-Catalyzed C-H Functionalization: Application to the Synthesis of 3-Carboxylindoles and Attempted Applications to AllenesShore, Daniel Gordon Michael
15-Aug-2011Iatrogenic newborn weight loss: knowledge translation using a study protocol for your maternity settingNoel-Weiss, Joy; Woodend, A K; Groll, Dianne L
31-Oct-2011Iatrogenic Newborn Weight Loss: Knowledge Translation Using a Study Protocol for Your Maternity SettingNoel-Weiss, Joy; Woodend, A. Kirsten; Groll, Dianne L.
2011Ice Recrystallization Inhibition as a Mechanism for Reducing Cryopreservation Injury in a Hematopoietic Stem Cell ModelWu, Luke K.
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