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1967H-T-P drawings: Their meaning and the levels hypothesisZutterman, Paul C
2001H. Le Saux-Swāmī Abhishiktānanda et le mystère de la présence : l'expérience advaitine de la conscience du soi et la contemplation de la Trinité comme fondement de la rencontre et du dialogue entre l'hindouisme et le christianisme.Ithier, Jean-Noël Maurice.
2012H1N1 influenza vaccination during pregnancy and fetal and neonatal outcomesFell, Deshayne B; Sprague, Ann E; Liu, Ning; Yasseen, Abdool S; Wen, Shi-Wu; Smith, Graeme; Walker, Mark C
2012H3K36me3 in Muscle Differentiation: Regulation of Tissue-specific Gene Expression by H3K36-specific HistonemethyltransferasesDhaliwal, Tarunpreet
2017H9N2 Avian Influenza A Virus: Impact of Serial Passaging by Aerosol Exposure on Pathogenicity in ChickensAkinlolu, Jegede
11-Apr-2015HAART-associated risk of preeclampsia in HIV+ womenCassidy-Matthews, Chenoa
2007Habermas' pessimism and modernityCarriere, Rejean
2011Habitat Loss and Avian Range Dynamics through Space and TimeDesrochers, Rachelle
1974Habitat preference and frequency groupings of Cladocera in a segment of the Ottawa River, near Ottawa, Canada.Croskery, Peter R.
2010Habitat space and energy availability as determinants of size distributions of lotic assemblagesLento, Jennifer
2012Habitat Suitability Modeling for the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, 'Heterodon platirhinos', in OntarioThomasson, Victor
2005Habitat use and movement patterns of juvenile black ratsnakes (Elaphe obsoleta) and their conservation implicationsBjorgan, Laura
2010Habiter le lieu vide: Le régime totalitaire nazi dans son rapport à l'architectureReinhardt, Chanelle
1972Habituation of the vasomotor components of the orientation reaction as a correlate of stimulus recognition learningGallo, Anthony J
1998Hacia una redefinición de la feminidad : proyecto social y discurso poético en Rosario Castellanos.Tubía, Lilia Virginia.
2010Hai visto i Canadesi?: A study of the Social Interactions between Canadian Soldiers and Italian Civilians before, during, and after the Battle of OrtonaCavasin, Zachary David
2000Hailing the hero: Critical cultural studies, subjectivity and girls in vocational high school.Henry-Keon, Nadene Anne.
2006HALO, a novel bHLH-PAS protein induced by neuronal preconditioning and ischemia, mediates cytotoxicity through BAX gene upregulationHester, Ian Wayland
1996Haloarchaeal comparative genomics and the local context model of genomic evolution.St. Jean, Andrew Louis.
1974Halocomplexes of niobium and tantalum in reduced oxidation states.Lal, Dinsukh.
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