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2005G protein signaling and G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) pathway in Xenopus oocyte maturationSheng, Yinglun
2006GABA action and sex steroid feedback in the goldfish (Carassius auratus) neuroendocrine brainMartyniuk, Christopher Joseph
2012GABAA receptors in visual and auditory cortex and neural activity changes during basic visual stimulationQin, Pengmin; Duncan, Niall W; Wiebking, Christine; Gravel, Paul; Lyttelton, Oliver; Hayes, Dave J; Verhaeghe, Jeroen; Kostikov, Alexei; Schirmacher, Ralf; Reader, Andrew J; Northoff, Georg
1970Gabrielle Roy sous le signe du rêveSaint-Pierre, Annette
2016Gadflies and Zip Guns Mass Culture Criticism and Juvenile Delinquent Texts in America, 1945–1960Soiseth, Neil
1987Gain optique dans le cadmium indium sulfide.Beauvais, Jacques.
2014Gain-Framed Messages and Sport in Middle Aged Adults: Effects on Intentions, Sport Activity, and the Activation and Elaboration of Possible SelvesLithopoulos, Alexander
2016Gain-Framed Messaging to Promote Adult Sport: An Exploration of the Effects of Efficacy-Enhancing Messages on Psychological and Behavioural OutcomesLittlejohn, Meagan
2016Gaining Insight: A Community-Based Approach to Understanding Physical Activity and Weight Gain in Pregnancy with First Nations and Métis WomenDarroch, Francine
1999Gains from Horizontal Mergers in the Banking Industry: Evidence from Stock Market ReactionsGao, Mingming
1994Gallicisms: An analysis leading towards a prototype gallicisms checker.Yuen, Adrienne L.
2004Gallium arsenide-based traveling wave electro-optic modulatorsCui, Yansong
2008Gallium nitride class-F power amplifier for UMTSWCDMA applicationsKhan, Farzana Noor
2017Gallows Erected in the Bedroom: A Critical Analysis of Violence in the Case of Capital PunishmentBiabanimilani, Omid
1998GalNAc-containing neoglycoconjugates having various geometries and valencies: Syntheses and their lectin binding studies.Kim, Jin Mi.
1994Galvanic cathodic protection of steel reinforcement using metallized zinc coatings.Chen, Yan.
1979Gambia's long journey to republicanism a study in the development of the constitution and government of the Gambia.Darboe, Abubakarr N. M. Ousainu.
2013Game Changer: Mental Health Strategic Communication Plan for Varsity Football PlayersDeLenardo, Samantha
1995Game of knowledge: The modern interpretation of art.Tingley, Edward.
2016Game Theoretic Load Management Schemes for Smart GridsYaagoubi, Naouar
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