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1976C A T S : a software aid for analog/hybrid programming.Shah, R. R.
1975C C D transversal filters.Foxall, Thomas G.
1975C G Jung's individuation processKincel, Rudolf Leopold
2017A C-Band Compact High Power Active Integrated Phased Array Transmitter Module Using GaN TechnologyGholami, Mehrdad
2006C-linked AFGP analogues containing beta-amino acids: Preparation, assessment and in vitro studiesThapa, Indira
2011C/EBPbeta is a Negative Regulator of Skeletal Muscle DifferentiationLi, Grace T.Y.
2017The Cafeteria Diet Model of Metabolic Syndrome and It's Effects on Cerebrovascular Form and FunctionGomez-Smith, Mariana
1979Cahiers de Jacques Baron texte et commentaire.Ahearn, Catherine.
Aug-2014CAHR: A Contextually Adaptive Home-Based Rehabilitation FrameworkKarime, Ali; Eid, Mohamad; Dong, Haiwei; Halimi, Mohamad; Gueaieb, Wail; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2014CAHR: A Contextually Adaptive Rehabilitation Framework for In-Home TrainingKarime, Ali
1991Calcite cements in carbonates of the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago.Savard, Martine.
2012Calcium Alleviates Symptoms in Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis by Reducing the Abnormal Sodium InfluxDeJong, Danica
2007Calcium and boron isotope variations in marine biogenic carbonates: Implications for chemical evolution of seawater during the PhanerozoicFarkas, Juraj
28-Oct-2010Calcium binding environments probed by 43Ca NMR spectroscopyBryce, David L.
2015Calcium Dynamics of Isolated Goldfish (Carassius auratus) Retinal Horizontal Cells: Effects of Oxygen-Glucose DeprivationCampbell, Benjamin
2014Calcium Signaling During Polar Body Emission in the Xenopus laevis OocyteLeblanc, Julie
1998Calcium, actin and the spectrin skeleton: Responses to swelling and shrinking perturbations.Herring, Tammy.
1999Calculating the diffusion coefficient of a random walker among immobile obstacles: New numerically exact theory and applications.Mercier, Jean-Fran├žois.
2014Calculation and Visualization of Range of Motion of Hip Joint from MRIAghayan, Sahar
2003Calculation of the residual error in three-dimensional videography using stationary, panning and mobile video capturing techniquesKendall, Marshall
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