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2007A Study on the Effect of Demogracy on Air PoluttionBakhache, Reina s.
1988A 20 GHz FET amplifier using a combination of finline and microstrip.Ruxton, James.
2012A 3-D Numerical Study of Flow, Coherent Structures and Mechanisms Leading to Scour in a High Curvature 135° Channel Bend with and Without Submerged GroynesKashyap, Shalini
2015A 3D Framework for the Musculoskeletal Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance ImagesMoghadas Tabatabaei Zavareh, Seyed Mehdi
1973A bacterial growth inhibitor from human cells in culture : tentative identification and possible significance.Sparkes, Brian Grove.
1997A Bakhtinian analysis of the heroes of four of Bulgakov's prose works.Cross, Jonathan.
1991A basic structure of human existence and the dying process.Walford, Virginia Lynn.
1966A Bayesian approach to system identification.Loo, Chun.
2006A Bayesian framework for panoramic imaging of complex scenesBrunton, Alan
1985A behavioral description of preschool children with and without early day care experience.Kelen, Jennifer Susan.
2008A Behavioural Finance model of exchange rate expectations within a stock-flow consistent frameworkDaigle, Gauthier
2005"A better place to live": National mythologies, Canadian history textbooks, and the reproduction of white supremacyMontgomery, Kenneth Edward
2014A Biofeedback-Based Physical Activity Advisory SystemBadawi, Hawazin Faiz
1966A biographical and critical study of Rose Terry CookeDowney, Jean
1975A biography of Mircea Eliade's spiritual and intellectual development from 1917 to 1940Doeing, Dennis A
2011A Biomechanical Study of Angular Momentum and External Moments During a Ballet TurnWalters-Stewart, Coren
1972A biometrical study of Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr. in the Gatineau Park, P. Q., Canada.Hegmann, Franz.
2007A biometrics system based on haptics for user authentication in virtual environmentsOrozco Trujillo, Mauricio
1988A biosystematic study of Polygonum achoreum and P. erectum, section Polygonum.Katz, Deborah Susan.
1988A biosystematic study of the Polygonum lapathifolium L. complex in North America.Consaul, Laurie Lynn.
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