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20173D Hierarchically-Structured Twinned Alumina Nanosheets for Filtration and CatalysisRoebuck, Katrina
20163D Numerical Modelling of Secondary Current in Shallow River Bends and ConfluencesShaheed, Rawaa
27-Nov-20153D Printing in Medicine: an introductory message from the Editor-in-ChiefRybicki, Frank J
20173D Regional Geological Modelling in Structurally Complex Environments: Gaining Geological Insight for the Northern Labrador TroughMontsion, Rebecca
20103D Scene Reconstruction : camera locationSewdat , Allyshia
20113D Segmentation of Cam-Type Pathological Femurs with Morphological SnakesTelles O'Neill, Gabriel
20153D Sensing and Tracking of Human GaitYang, Lin
20113D Surface Analysis for the Automated Detection of Deformations on Automotive PanelsYogeswaran, Arjun
20133D Tongue Reconstruction from Two Orthogonal Ultrasound ImagesAhadipour, Ava
20153D Visualization of Heterogeneous User Interactions in a Social NetworkPei, Wanjun
200640 ans sur la route: L'évolution de la représentation de la femme dans le roman de la route au Québec de 1964 à 2004Legault, Céline
20145-and 6-Membered Hydrazides as Potential Catalysts for Diels-Alder CycloadditionsBiggs, Robyn A.
20065-HT1A autoreceptor regulation and functional polymorphisms that modify the serotonin system and their association with depression and schizophreniaBurns, Ariel
20125S rRNA Gene Arrangements in Protists: A Case of Nonadaptive EvolutionDrouin, Guy; Tsang, Corey
20127 things to know about indoor air safetyNAHO
17-Feb-20187 versus 14 days of antibiotic treatment for critically ill patients with bloodstream infection: a pilot randomized clinical trialDaneman, Nick; Rishu, Asgar H; Pinto, Ruxandra; Aslanian, Pierre; Bagshaw, Sean M; Carignan, Alex; Charbonney, Emmanuel; Coburn, Bryan; Cook, Deborah J; Detsky, Michael E; Dodek, Peter; Hall, Richard; Kumar, Anand; Lamontagne, Francois; Lauzier, Francois; Marshall, John C; Martin, Claudio M; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Muscedere, John; Reynolds, Steven; Sligl, Wendy; Stelfox, Henry T; Wilcox, M. E; Fowler, Robert A
19787-(Phenylsulfonyl)-bicyclo[4.2.0]octa-1,3,5-triene as a synthetic intermediate.Gowland, Barbara D.
20128 things to know about water safetyNAHO
20-Sep-201682Rb PET imaging of myocardial blood flow—have we achieved the 4 “R”s to support routine use?deKemp, Robert A; Klein, Ran; Beanlands, Rob S B
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