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1921The contribution of Dorothy Canfield Fisher to the development of realism in the American novelLovering, Joseph Paul
1921The significance of the artist in the writings of Willa CatherSpeckner, Killian
1921Ireland, a nation.Unger, William M.
1921The legal position of the agencies which administer the Massachusetts Public School SystemMcCarthy, Robert Vincent
1921L'autoritarisme général, l'autoritarisme fasciste et l'anxiétéValade, Jeannette
1921Victorian poets.Unger, William M.
1922Une étude comparative de concepts d'orientation professionnelle en France et aux États-Unis au vingtième siècleVu-Thu-Huong, Catherine
1922L'Histoire littéraire du sentiment de la nature en France depuis les origines jusqu'au vingtième siècleMarion, Séraphin
1923The unities in present day literature.Curley, Wilfred.
1924The historical antecedents of the Free School Act and the Public School Act of PEIMcGuigan, Derrill Ignatius
1925The Catholic element in English literature, and, The spirit of Catholicity has ever permeated the works of poets and writers of worth.Unger, William M.
1925The animate-inanimate category in the proper and common animate nouns in the Laurentian and Hypatian ChroniclesBurtniak, Michael
1925Peter Maurin, propagandistO'Grady, Brendan Anthony
1926The effect of some stimulus variations on the rotations of Bender-Gestalt configurations in non-patient young adult femalesSchoen, Virginia Elizabeth
1926Description and evaluation of the administration and organization of summer elementary schools in New York State, 1963Scurrah, Mark B
1926The growth and development of the larger school administrative units in Saskatchewan, 1905--1960Gadzella, Bernadette M
1927An inter-disciplinary study of the relationship of narcissism to the neurotic depressive reaction and spiritual desolationWeber, Carlo A
1927A definitional study of J S Bruner's explanation of a fundamental internal structure of knowledge in the processes of educationPiche, Roland E
1927The Apostles' Creed in Shakespeare.Bradley, F. H.
1927The teaching of literature.Bradley, F. H.
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