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1910George Washington.McTiernan, Thomas.
1910Daniel Webster.McTiernan, Thomas.
1910Banking in Canada.Joron, Lionel.
1913The single tax.Sammon, John.
1913Anglo-German relations (from 1870 to the present day).Sammon, John.
1914The history of Catholic education: Newfoundland, the oldest British colony.Burke, Vincent P.
1914Le role du militaire dans l'aide financière fédèrale accordée aux universités canadiennesLe Sieur, Antonio
1914The practical and scientific solution of the smoke nuisance.Vadner, Charles Samuel.
1915A check on the validity of some of Machover's claimsLewis, Augustus
1915Histoire du système routier des Cantons de l'Est avant 1855Martel, Jules
1916The art and philosophy of reconciliation in Robert FrostBarnes, Lewis Wesley
1916A comparison of group and individual response probabilities in continuous verbal associationFleming, John J
1916Student-teacher identification and academic achievementWalsh, John H
1916Physical and experimental chemistry applied to metallurgical problems.Vadner, Charles S.
1916Willa Cather: A study in valuesKarczewska, Irene
1917Historical development and present legal status of the office of Secretary of the Board of Education in New JerseyDonovan, Harry J
1918Narrative poetry in early eighteenth-century England: A study of fictional characteristics of original narrative verse between 1700 and 1740Clever, Glenn
1919Critical history of the development of English prose.Hayden, Salter.
1919The effectiveness of the Verdun Projective Battery as a personality screening device at the high school levelWelbourne, Arthur James
1919Education.Hayden, Salter.
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