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14-Nov-2016Comparative assessment of two frailty instruments for risk-stratification in elderly surgical patients: study protocol for a prospective cohort studyMcIsaac, Daniel I; Taljaard, Monica; Bryson, Gregory L; Beaule, Paul E; Gagne, Sylvain; Hamilton, Gavin; Hladkowicz, Emily; Huang, Allen; Joanisse, John; Lavallée, Luke T; Moloo, Hussein; Thavorn, Kednapa; van Walraven, Carl; Yang, Homer; Forster, Alan J
8-May-2017Development and validation of an administrative data algorithm to identify adults who have endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitisMacdonald, Kristian I; Kilty, Shaun J; van Walraven, Carl
21-Jul-2011Does adding risk-trends to survival models improve in-hospital mortality predictions? A cohort studyWong, Jenna; Taljaard, Monica; Forster, Alan J; van Walraven, Carl
20-Mar-2014Effect of blood donor characteristics on transfusion outcomes: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysisChassé, Michaël; English, Shane W; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Knoll, Greg; Shehata, Nadine; Forster, Alan; Wilson, Kumanan; van Walraven, Carl; Tinmouth, Alan; Fergusson, Dean A
8-Jan-2015Effectiveness of a computerized drug-monitoring program to detect and prevent adverse drug events and medication non-adherence in outpatient ambulatory care: study protocol of a randomized controlled trialForster, Alan J; Erlanger, Tobias E; Jennings, Alison; Auger, Claudine; Buckeridge, David; van Walraven, Carl; Tamblyn, Robyn
21-Jan-2014Independent influence of negative blood cultures and bloodstream infections on in-hospital mortalityvan Walraven, Carl; Wong, Jenna
28-Apr-2015The influence of cholinesterase inhibitor therapy for dementia on risk of cardiac pacemaker insertion: a retrospective, population-based, health administrative databases study in Ontario, CanadaHuang, Allen R; Redpath, Calum J; van Walraven, Carl
7-Oct-2011The Procedural Index for Mortality Risk (PIMR): an index calculated using administrative data to quantify the independent influence of procedures on risk of hospital deathvan Walraven, Carl; Wong, Jenna; Bennett, Carol; Forster, Alan J
Jun-2013The Surgical Site Infection Risk Score (SSIRS): A Model to Predict the Risk of Surgical Site Infectionsvan Walraven, Carl; Musselman, Reilly
7-Apr-2016Validation of administrative database codes for acute kidney injury in kidney transplant recipientsMolnar, Amber O; van Walraven, Carl; McArthur, Eric; Fergusson, Dean; Garg, Amit X; Knoll, Greg
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