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27-Jul-2011A systematic review of the psychometric properties of self-report research utilization measures used in healthcareSquires, Janet E; Estabrooks, Carole A; O’Rourke, Hannah M; Gustavsson, Petter; Newburn-Cook, Christine V; Wallin, Lars
18-Jul-2011Advancing the argument for validity of the Alberta Context Tool with healthcare aides in residential long-term careEstabrooks, Carole A; Squires, Janet E; Hayduk, Leslie A; Cummings, Greta G; Norton, Peter G
6-Oct-2014Are multifaceted interventions more effective than single-component interventions in changing health-care professionals’ behaviours? An overview of systematic reviewsSquires, Janet E; Sullivan, Katrina; Eccles, Martin P; Worswick, Julia; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
4-Oct-2011Assessment of variation in the alberta context tool: the contribution of unit level contextual factors and specialty in Canadian pediatric acute care settingsEstabrooks, Carole A; Squires, Janet E; Hutchinson, Alison M; Scott, Shannon; Cummings, Greta G; Kang, Sung H; Midodzi, William K; Stevens, Bonnie
20-Jun-2014Design, implementation, and evaluation of a knowledge translation intervention to increase organ donation after cardiocirculatory death in Canada: a study protocolSquires, Janet E; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Taljaard, Monica; Linklater, Stefanie; Chassé, Michaël; Shemie, Sam D; Knoll, Gregory A
15-Aug-2015Health system context and implementation of evidence-based practices—development and validation of the Context Assessment for Community Health (COACH) tool for low- and middle-income settingsBergström, Anna; Skeen, Sarah; Duc, Duong M; Blandon, Elmer Z; Estabrooks, Carole; Gustavsson, Petter; Hoa, Dinh T P; Källestål, Carina; Målqvist, Mats; Nga, Nguyen T; Persson, Lars-Åke; Pervin, Jesmin; Peterson, Stefan; Rahman, Anisur; Selling, Katarina; Squires, Janet E; Tomlinson, Mark; Waiswa, Peter; Wallin, Lars
23-Apr-2015Hiding in plain sight: communication theory in implementation scienceManojlovich, Milisa; Squires, Janet E; Davies, Barbara; Graham, Ian D
28-Sep-2015Identifying the domains of context important to implementation science: a study protocolSquires, Janet E; Graham, Ian D; Hutchinson, Alison M; Michie, Susan; Francis, Jill J; Sales, Anne; Brehaut, Jamie; Curran, Janet; Ivers, Noah; Lavis, John; Linklater, Stefanie; Fenton, Shannon; Noseworthy, Thomas; Vine, Jocelyn; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
10-Jan-2017Improving Nursing Home Care through Feedback On PerfoRMance Data (INFORM): Protocol for a cluster-randomized trialHoben, Matthias; Norton, Peter G; Ginsburg, Liane R; Anderson, Ruth A; Cummings, Greta G; Lanham, Holly J; Squires, Janet E; Taylor, Deanne; Wagg, Adrian S; Estabrooks, Carole A
4-Feb-2013Improving physician hand hygiene compliance using behavioural theories: a study protocolSquires, Janet E; Suh, Kathryn N; Linklater, Stefanie; Bruce, Natalie; Gartke, Kathleen; Graham, Ian D; Karovitch, Alan; Read, Joanne; Roth, Virginia; Stockton, Karen; Tibbo, Emma; Woodhall, Kent; Worthington, Jim; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
13-Oct-2016Individual and organizational predictors of health care aide job satisfaction in long term careChamberlain, Stephanie A; Hoben, Matthias; Squires, Janet E; Estabrooks, Carole A
5-Jan-2011Individual determinants of research utilization by nurses: a systematic review updateSquires, Janet E; Estabrooks, Carole A; Gustavsson, Petter; Wallin, Lars
31-May-2012Knowledge translation of research findingsGrimshaw, Jeremy M; Eccles, Martin P; Lavis, John N; Hill, Sophie J; Squires, Janet E
31-Jan-2014Linguistic validation of the Alberta Context Tool and two measures of research use, for German residential long term careHoben, Matthias; Bär, Marion; Mahler, Cornelia; Berger, Sarah; Squires, Janet E; Estabrooks, Carole A; Kruse, Andreas; Behrens, Johann
5-Jun-2014Managerial leadership for research use in nursing and allied health care professions: a narrative synthesis protocolGifford, Wendy A; Holyoke, Paul; Squires, Janet E; Angus, Douglas; Brosseau, Lucie; Egan, Mary; Graham, Ian D; Miller, Carol; Wallin, Lars
4-Mar-2017Methods for designing interventions to change healthcare professionals’ behaviour: a systematic reviewColquhoun, Heather L; Squires, Janet E; Kolehmainen, Niina; Fraser, Cynthia; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
3-Feb-2017Pathways for best practice diffusion: the structure of informal relationships in Canada’s long-term care sectorDearing, James W; Beacom, Amanda M; Chamberlain, Stephanie A; Meng, Jingbo; Berta, Whitney B; Keefe, Janice M; Squires, Janet E; Doupe, Malcolm B; Taylor, Deanne; Reid, Robert C; Cook, Heather; Cummings, Greta G; Baumbusch, Jennifer L; Knopp-Sihota, Jennifer; Norton, Peter G; Estabrooks, Carole A
14-Apr-2011The care unit in nursing home research: Evidence in support of a definitionEstabrooks, Carole A; Morgan, Debra G; Squires, Janet E; Boström, Anne-Marie; Slaughter, Susan E; Cummings, Greta G; Norton, Peter G
14-Sep-2013The influence of organizational context on the use of research by nurses in Canadian pediatric hospitalsSquires, Janet E; Estabrooks, Carole A; Scott, Shannon D; Cummings, Greta G; Hayduk, Leslie; Kang, Sung H; Stevens, Bonnie
23-Jan-2017The role of organizational context in moderating the effect of research use on pain outcomes in hospitalized children: a cross sectional studyYamada, Janet; Squires, Janet E; Estabrooks, Carole A; Victor, Charles; Stevens, Bonnie
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