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16-Sep-2015A scoping review of rapid review methodsTricco, Andrea C; Antony, Jesmin; Zarin, Wasifa; Strifler, Lisa; Ghassemi, Marco; Ivory, John; Perrier, Laure; Hutton, Brian; Moher, David; Straus, Sharon E
12-Jan-2016Barriers and facilitators to uptake of systematic reviews by policy makers and health care managers: a scoping reviewTricco, Andrea C; Cardoso, Roberta; Thomas, Sonia M; Motiwala, Sanober; Sullivan, Shannon; Kealey, Michael R; Hemmelgarn, Brenda; Ouimet, Mathieu; Hillmer, Michael P; Perrier, Laure; Shepperd, Sasha; Straus, Sharon E
14-Jun-2013Development of two shortened systematic review formats for cliniciansPerrier, Laure; Persaud, Nav; Ko, Anita; Kastner, Monika; Grimshaw, Jeremy; McKibbon, K A; Straus, Sharon E
21-Feb-2014Health inequity in access to bariatric surgery: a protocol for a systematic reviewJackson, Timothy D; Zhang, Rujun; Glockler, Dresden; Pennington, Jason; Reddigan, Jacinta I; Rotstein, Ori D; Smylie, Janet; Perrier, Laure; Conn, Lesley G
21-Apr-2016Sustainability of knowledge translation interventions in healthcare decision-making: a scoping reviewTricco, Andrea C; Ashoor, Huda M; Cardoso, Roberta; MacDonald, Heather; Cogo, Elise; Kastner, Monika; Perrier, Laure; McKibbon, Ann; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Straus, Sharon E
6-Jul-2011Understanding the relationship between the perceived characteristics of clinical practice guidelines and their uptake: protocol for a realist reviewKastner, Monika; Estey, Elizabeth; Perrier, Laure; Graham, Ian D; Grimshaw, Jeremy; Straus, Sharon E; Zwarenstein, Merrick; Bhattacharyya, Onil
3-Aug-2012What is the most appropriate knowledge synthesis method to conduct a review? Protocol for a scoping reviewKastner, Monika; Tricco, Andrea C; Soobiah, Charlene; Lillie, Erin; Perrier, Laure; Horsley, Tanya; Welch, Vivian; Cogo, Elise; Antony, Jesmin; Straus, Sharon E
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