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1985A blueprint for change in the federal public servicePaquet, Gilles
1985A propos de l'habitant québécois: le chromo versus le modèlePaquet, Gilles; Wallot, Jean-Pierre
1997Administration as transductionDe la Mothe, John; Paquet, Gilles
1996Agonistic ethics and the burden of officePaquet, Gilles
2000An unsolicited report to Canada's leadersPaquet, Gilles
1998André Laurendeau et la démocratie des communautésPaquet, Gilles
1994Apprentissage organisationnel et re-engineeringFerrand, Dominique J.; Paquet, Gilles
1998Auditing in a learning environment: the value adding challengePaquet, Gilles
1995Avventura commune: investir dans le capital communautairePaquet, Gilles
2000Betting on diversity: the problematique of cultural pluralismPaquet, Gilles
1999Canada 2015: the governance challengePaquet, Gilles
1998Canada as a disconcerted learning economy: a governance challengePaquet, Gilles
1993Capital cities as symbolic resourcesPaquet, Gilles
2002CIPO as innovation catalystPaquet, Gilles; Roy, Jeffrey
1994Circumstantial evidence: a note on science policy in CanadaDe la Mothe, John; Paquet, Gilles
1998Citizenry, governments and the military: a governance perspectivePaquet, Gilles
2000Collaborative governance and regional considerations in the new economy: lessons from Canada and SwitzerlandPaquet, Gilles; Roy, Jeffrey
1996Competition and governance: the new challengesDe la Mothe, John; Paquet, Gilles
1996Contextualizing alternative service deliveryPaquet, Gilles
1997Coordination failures in the learning economyDe la Mothe, John; Paquet, Gilles
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