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1990A freeware text processor for educational and non-profit useNash, John C.
1990A hypertext environment for using mathematical software: part 1 -- motivations and design objectivesNash, John C.
1984A portable mixed congruential pseudo-random number generator with very long periodNash, John C.; Sande, Gordon
1997A synchronous teamwork approach to software developmentNash, John C.; Lethbridge, Timothy Christian
1988A technological forecast of the role of personal computers in statistical survey methodsNash, John C.
2003Approaches to extending or customizing statistical software using web techonologyNash, John C.; Wang, Sudan
1983Approaches to nonlinear regression on very small computersNash, John C.
2003Audit and change analysis of spreadsheetsNash, John C.; Smith, Neil
1987Building a database of secular and religious holidays for world-wide useNash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
1989Cataloguing files on personal computers: design and implementation of Nashcat 3Nash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
1996Commercial Internet publishing: the practicalitiesNash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
1999Comparing variability of samples drawn from population that may have a non-gaussian distributionGarrett, Lorraine; Nash, John C.
1983Design and implementation of a very small linear algebra program packageNash, John C.
1991Didactic and production software for computing sample variancesNash, John C.
1983Hardware and software standards considerations for the small computer userNash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
1995Internet book publishing: a case studyNash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
2006Issues in finding and managing duplicate or equivalent filesNash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
1996Issues in teaching statistical thinking with spreadsheets John C Nash and Tony K QuonNash, John C.; Quon, Tony K
1984Justifying one-time use programs for special database applicationsNash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
1993Launching the SnoopGuard PC access-control product via a microinvestment strategyNash, John C.; Nash, Mary M
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