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11-Sep-2017Core competencies for scientific editors of biomedical journals: consensus statementMoher, David; Galipeau, James; Alam, Sabina; Barbour, Virginia; Bartolomeos, Kidist; Baskin, Patricia; Bell-Syer, Sally; Cobey, Kelly D; Chan, Leighton; Clark, Jocalyn; Deeks, Jonathan; Flanagin, Annette; Garner, Paul; Glenny, Anne-Marie; Groves, Trish; Gurusamy, Kurinchi; Habibzadeh, Farrokh; Jewell-Thomas, Stefanie; Kelsall, Diane; Lapeña, José F; MacLehose, Harriet; Marusic, Ana; McKenzie, Joanne E; Shah, Jay; Shamseer, Larissa; Straus, Sharon; Tugwell, Peter; Wager, Elizabeth; Winker, Margaret; Zhaori, Getu
24-Apr-2012Developing theory-informed behaviour change interventions to implement evidence into practice: a systematic approach using the Theoretical Domains FrameworkFrench, Simon D; Green, Sally E; O’Connor, Denise A; McKenzie, Joanne E; Francis, Jill J; Michie, Susan; Buchbinder, Rachelle; Schattner, Peter; Spike, Neil; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
19-Aug-2013Evidence-based care of older people with suspected cognitive impairment in general practice: protocol for the IRIS cluster randomised trialMcKenzie, Joanne E; French, Simon D; O’Connor, Denise A; Mortimer, Duncan S; Browning, Colette J; Russell, Grant M; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Eccles, Martin P; Francis, Jill J; Michie, Susan; Murphy, Kerry; Kossenas, Fiona; Green, Sally E
11-Jul-2014Implementing evidence-based recommended practices for the management of patients with mild traumatic brain injuries in Australian emergency care departments: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trialBosch, Marije; McKenzie, Joanne E; Mortimer, Duncan; Tavender, Emma J; Francis, Jill J; Brennan, Sue E; Knott, Jonathan C; Ponsford, Jennie L; Pearce, Andrew; O’Connor, Denise A; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Rosenfeld, Jeffrey V; Gruen, Russell L; Green, Sally E
10-Nov-2010Improving the care for people with acute low-back pain by allied health professionals (the ALIGN trial): A cluster randomised trial protocolMcKenzie, Joanne E; O'Connor, Denise A; Page, Matthew J; Mortimer, Duncan S; French, Simon D; Walker, Bruce F; Keating, Jennifer L; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Michie, Susan; Francis, Jill J; Green, Sally E
19-Jun-2014The use of segmented regression in analysing interrupted time series studies: an example in pre-hospital ambulance careTaljaard, Monica; McKenzie, Joanne E; Ramsay, Craig R; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
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