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2004A comparative study of information disclosed on the Web with information disclosed in the annual reports: a survey of Canadians companiesMaingot, Michael; Zéghal, Daniel
2006A going concern content analysis of audit reports in bankrupt companiesMaingot, Michael; Zéghal, Daniel
1982A look at published interim reports in the United KingdomMaingot, Michael
2004A survey of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the companies quoted on the Irish Stock ExchangeMaingot, Michael; Quon, Tony K
2002Activity based costing in the high technology industry in CanadaEden, Ronald; Maingot, Michael
2007An analysis of corporate governance information disclosure by Canadian banksMaingot, Michael; Zéghal, Daniel
1999An examination of the length and organization of the auditor's report: an international comparisonZéghal, Daniel; Maingot, Michael
1996An exploratory study of attitudes towards professional development, re-certification and specialization in Canadian accounting associationsGoh, Swee Chua; Maingot, Michael
1986Comprehensive auditing: auditing of the program evaluation function and other proceduresMaingot, Michael; Cloutier, Michel
1998Developing service standards as a means of monitoring the public sector's performanceMaingot, Michael
2006Disclosure of corporate governance information by Canadian banksMaingot, Michael; Zéghal, Daniel
1994Expert systems and their suitability in accountingMaingot, Michael
2004Financial reporting of Small Business Entities (SBEs) in CanadaMaingot, Michael; Zéghal, Daniel
1982Impact of legal cases on financial disclosure: examples from the UK, US, and CanadaMaingot, Michael
1982Information content of UK annual reportsMaingot, Michael
1994Initiatives towards the expectation gap in Canada and the United StatesMaingot, Michael
1983Interim financial income: nature and problemsMaingot, Michael
1996Issues in public sector accounting in CanadaMaingot, Michael
1994Le vérificateur, sa mission et son rapport une comparaison internationaleZéghal, Daniel; Maingot, Michael
1986The "triple E" aspect of the comprehensive audit and the Canadian experienceMaingot, Michael; Howes, Oral
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