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1994Collaboration between a business and not-for-profit organization: some field experimental findingsLitvack, David S
1994Comparison of Chinese and Canadian managers' job needs and psychological profileAhmed, Sadrudin A.; Litvack, David S
1983Corporate decoupling: a new dimension in food retailingLitvack, David S; Shapiro, Stanley J
1997Culture, job values and motivations: a Sino Chile comparisonAhmed, Sadrudin A.; Litvack, David S
1982Developing a viable retail pricing strategyLitvack, David S; Warshaw, Paul R
1985Effective health promotion programs require sound business practicesLauzon, Richard; Litvack, David S
1984Effective off-pricing and co-operative advertising strategies: an experimentLitvack, David S; Bennett, Roger C
1984Effective segmentation methods: a prereguisite to life-style retailingLitvack, David S
1993Entrepreneurial teaching in developing countriesBennett, Roger C; Litvack, David S
1982Experimentation in marketingLitvack, David S
1987Marketing marketingBennett, Roger C; Litvack, David S
1987Marketing strategies to reduce violence in hockeyLitvack, David S
1994Merging theories to explain recent retail evolutionBennett, Roger C; Litvack, David S
1982New strategies for retail pricingBennett, Roger C; Litvack, David S
1983Note to managers: good theory makes good practiceLitvack, David S
1995Reducing the level of violence in hockeyLitvack, David S; Sandikci, Ozlem
1983Relation entre la strategie suivie par les detaillants et l'elasticite-prix de la demandeLitvack, David S
1982Retail institutions in a changing environmentLitvack, David S
1984Seanav Corporation: a case study in marketing planningIrvine, D. Josep; Litvack, David S
1987Small business and the Humpty Dumpty syndromeLitvack, David S
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