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9-Nov-2013Ancillary testing for diagnosis of brain death: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisChassé, Michaël; Glen, Peter; Doyle, Mary-Anne; McIntyre, Lauralyn; English, Shane W; Knoll, Greg; Lizé, Jean-François; Shemie, Sam D; Martin, Claudio; Turgeon, Alexis F; Lauzier, François; Fergusson, Dean A
22-Feb-2014Checking whether there is an increased risk of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder and other cancers with specific modern immunosuppression regimens in renal transplantation: Protocol for a network meta-analysis of randomized and observational studiesHutton, Brian; Joseph, Lawrence; Yazdi, Fatemeh; Tetzlaff, Jennifer; Hersi, Mona; Kokolo, Madzouka; Fergusson, Nicolas; Bennett, Alexandria; Buenaventura, Chieny; Fergusson, Dean; Tricco, Andrea; Strauss, Sharon; Moher, David; Knoll, Greg
20-Mar-2014Effect of blood donor characteristics on transfusion outcomes: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysisChassé, Michaël; English, Shane W; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Knoll, Greg; Shehata, Nadine; Forster, Alan; Wilson, Kumanan; van Walraven, Carl; Tinmouth, Alan; Fergusson, Dean A
5-Jul-2012Increased urinary angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 in renal transplant patients with diabetesXiao, Fengxia; Hiremath, Swapnil; Knoll, Greg; Zimpelmann, Joseph; Srivaratharajah, Kajenny; Jadhav, Deepak; Fergusson, Dean; Kennedy, Chris R. J.; Burns, Kevin D.
21-Dec-2017Promoting deceased organ and tissue donation registration in family physician waiting rooms (RegisterNow-1 trial): study protocol for a pragmatic, stepped-wedge, cluster randomized controlled registryLi, Alvin H; Garg, Amit X; Prakash, Versha; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Taljaard, Monica; Mitchell, Joanna; Matti, Danny; Linklater, Stefanie; Naylor, Kyla L.; Dixon, Stephanie; Faulds, Cathy; Bevan, Rachel; Getchell, Leah; Knoll, Greg; Kim, S. Joseph; Sontrop, Jessica; Bjerre, Lise M; Tong, Allison; Presseau, Justin
2011Should the Arteriovenous Fistula Be Created before Starting Dialysis?: A Decision Analytic ApproachHiremath, Swapnil; Knoll, Greg; Weinstein, Milton C.
2-May-2014The therapeutic potential of C-peptide in kidney disease: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisShaw, James; Shetty, Partha; Burns, Kevin; Knoll, Greg
2-Sep-2014The three-year incidence of major hemorrhage among older adults initiating chronic dialysisSood, Manish M; Bota, Sarah E; McArthur, Eric; Kapral, Moira K; Tangri, Navdeep; Knoll, Greg; Zimmerman, Deborah; Garg, Amit X
7-Apr-2016Validation of administrative database codes for acute kidney injury in kidney transplant recipientsMolnar, Amber O; van Walraven, Carl; McArthur, Eric; Fergusson, Dean; Garg, Amit X; Knoll, Greg
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