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10-Dec-2008A mixed methods pilot study with a cluster randomized control trial to evaluate the impact of a leadership intervention on guideline implementation in home care nursingGifford, Wendy A; Davies, Barbara; Graham, Ian D; Lefebre, Nancy; Tourangeau, Ann; Woodend, Kirsten
13-Sep-2016A theory-based process evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial of printed educational messages to increase primary care physicians’ prescription of thiazide diuretics for hypertension [ISRCTN72772651]Presseau, Justin; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Tetroe, Jacqueline M; Eccles, Martin P; Francis, Jill J; Godin, Gaston; Graham, Ian D; Hux, Janet E; Johnston, Marie; Légaré, France; Lemyre, Louise; Robinson, Nicole; Zwarenstein, Merrick
9-Feb-2016Collective action for implementation: a realist evaluation of organisational collaboration in healthcareRycroft-Malone, Jo; Burton, Christopher R; Wilkinson, Joyce; Harvey, Gill; McCormack, Brendan; Baker, Richard; Dopson, Sue; Graham, Ian D; Staniszewska, Sophie; Thompson, Carl; Ariss, Steven; Melville-Richards, Lucy; Williams, Lynne
11-Aug-2016Eliciting women’s cervical screening preferences: a mixed methods systematic review protocolWood, Brianne; Van Katwyk, Susan R; El-Khatib, Ziad; McFaul, Susan; Taljaard, Monica; Wright, Erica; Graham, Ian D; Little, Julian
13-Feb-2015“Entrenched practices and other biases”: unpacking the historical, economic, professional, and social resistance to de-implementationMontini, Theresa; Graham, Ian D
7-Dec-2016Experiences of caregivers of children with inherited metabolic diseases: a qualitative studySiddiq, Shabnaz; Wilson, Brenda J; Graham, Ian D; Lamoureux, Monica; Khangura, Sara D; Tingley, Kylie; Tessier, Laure; Chakraborty, Pranesh; Coyle, Doug; Dyack, Sarah; Gillis, Jane; Greenberg, Cheryl; Hayeems, Robin Z; Jain-Ghai, Shailly; Kronick, Jonathan B; Laberge, Anne-Marie; Little, Julian; Mitchell, John J; Prasad, Chitra; Siriwardena, Komudi; Sparkes, Rebecca; Speechley, Kathy N; Stockler, Sylvia; Trakadis, Yannis; Wafa, Sarah; Walia, Jagdeep; Wilson, Kumanan; Yuskiv, Nataliya; Potter, Beth K
1-Aug-2017Facilitated interprofessional implementation of a physical rehabilitation guideline for stroke in inpatient settings: process evaluation of a cluster randomized trialSalbach, Nancy M; Wood-Dauphinee, Sharon; Desrosiers, Johanne; Eng, Janice J; Graham, Ian D; Jaglal, Susan B; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; MacKay-Lyons, Marilyn; Mayo, Nancy E; Richards, Carol L; Teasell, Robert W; Zwarenstein, Merrick; Bayley, Mark T
14-Aug-2014GRAIDs: a framework for closing the gap in the availability of health promotion programs and interventions for people with disabilitiesRimmer, James H; Vanderbom, Kerri A; Bandini, Linda G; Drum, Charles E; Luken, Karen; Suarez-Balcazar, Yolanda; Graham, Ian D
8-May-2013Guideline adaptation and implementation planning: a prospective observational studyHarrison, Margaret B; Graham, Ian D; van den Hoek, Joan; Dogherty, Elizabeth J; Carley, Meg E; Angus, Valerie
23-Apr-2015Hiding in plain sight: communication theory in implementation scienceManojlovich, Milisa; Squires, Janet E; Davies, Barbara; Graham, Ian D
28-Sep-2015Identifying the domains of context important to implementation science: a study protocolSquires, Janet E; Graham, Ian D; Hutchinson, Alison M; Michie, Susan; Francis, Jill J; Sales, Anne; Brehaut, Jamie; Curran, Janet; Ivers, Noah; Lavis, John; Linklater, Stefanie; Fenton, Shannon; Noseworthy, Thomas; Vine, Jocelyn; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
16-Jun-2010If you build it, they still may not come: outcomes and process of implementing a community-based integrated knowledge translation mapping innovationDriedger, S M; Kothari, Anita; Graham, Ian D; Cooper, Elizabeth; Crighton, Eric J; Zahab, Melanie; Morrison, Jason; Sawada, Michael
4-Feb-2013Improving physician hand hygiene compliance using behavioural theories: a study protocolSquires, Janet E; Suh, Kathryn N; Linklater, Stefanie; Bruce, Natalie; Gartke, Kathleen; Graham, Ian D; Karovitch, Alan; Read, Joanne; Roth, Virginia; Stockton, Karen; Tibbo, Emma; Woodhall, Kent; Worthington, Jim; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
6-Aug-2014Looking inside the black box: results of a theory-based process evaluation exploring the results of a randomized controlled trial of printed educational messages to increase primary care physicians’ diabetic retinopathy referrals [Trial registration number ISRCTN72772651]Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Presseau, Justin; Tetroe, Jacqueline; Eccles, Martin P; Francis, Jill J; Godin, Gaston; Graham, Ian D; Hux, Janet E; Johnston, Marie; Légaré, France; Lemyre, Louise; Robinson, Nicole; Zwarenstein, Merrick
5-Jun-2014Managerial leadership for research use in nursing and allied health care professions: a narrative synthesis protocolGifford, Wendy A; Holyoke, Paul; Squires, Janet E; Angus, Douglas; Brosseau, Lucie; Egan, Mary; Graham, Ian D; Miller, Carol; Wallin, Lars
11-Oct-2011Opinion leaders and changes over time: a surveyDoumit, Gaby; Wright, Frances C; Graham, Ian D; Smith, Andrew; Grimshaw, Jeremy
5-Apr-2014Patient perceptions and expectations regarding imaging for metastatic disease in early stage breast cancerSimos, Demetrios; Hutton, Brian; Graham, Ian D; Arnaout, Angel; Caudrelier, Jean-Michel; Mazzarello, Sasha; Clemons, Mark
11-Jul-2017Prioritising Responses Of Nurses To deteriorating patient Observations (PRONTO) protocol: testing the effectiveness of a facilitation intervention in a pragmatic, cluster-randomised trial with an embedded process evaluation and cost analysisBucknall, Tracey K; Harvey, Gill; Considine, Julie; Mitchell, Imogen; Rycroft-Malone, Jo; Graham, Ian D; Mohebbi, Mohammadreza; Watts, Jennifer; Hutchinson, Alison M
28-Nov-2014Research funder required research partnerships: a qualitative inquirySibbald, Shannon L; Tetroe, Jacqueline; Graham, Ian D
29-Jan-2014The development of a guideline implementability tool (GUIDE-IT): a qualitative study of family physician perspectivesKastner, Monika; Estey, Elizabeth; Hayden, Leigh; Chatterjee, Ananda; Grudniewicz, Agnes; Graham, Ian D; Bhattacharyya, Onil
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