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9-Nov-2013Ancillary testing for diagnosis of brain death: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisChassé, Michaël; Glen, Peter; Doyle, Mary-Anne; McIntyre, Lauralyn; English, Shane W; Knoll, Greg; Lizé, Jean-François; Shemie, Sam D; Martin, Claudio; Turgeon, Alexis F; Lauzier, François; Fergusson, Dean A
24-Aug-2017Antibiotic exposure and risk of weight gain and obesity: protocol for a systematic reviewDutton, Heidi; Doyle, Mary-Anne; Buchan, C. A; Mohammad, Shuhiba; Adamo, Kristi B; Shorr, Risa; Fergusson, Dean A
20-Sep-2016Comparison of sedation strategies for critically ill patients: a protocol for a systematic review incorporating network meta-analysesHutton, Brian; Burry, Lisa D; Kanji, Salmaan; Mehta, Sangeeta; Guenette, Melanie; Martin, Claudio M; Fergusson, Dean A; Adhikari, Neill K; Egerod, Ingrid; Williamson, David; Straus, Sharon; Moher, David; Ely, E. W; Rose, Louise
20-Mar-2014Effect of blood donor characteristics on transfusion outcomes: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysisChassé, Michaël; English, Shane W; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Knoll, Greg; Shehata, Nadine; Forster, Alan; Wilson, Kumanan; van Walraven, Carl; Tinmouth, Alan; Fergusson, Dean A
2-Apr-2012Hemoglobin levels and transfusions in neurocritically ill patients: a systematic review of comparative studiesDesjardins, Philippe; Turgeon, Alexis F; Tremblay, Marie-Hélène; Lauzier, François; Zarychanski, Ryan; Boutin, Amélie; Moore, Lynne; McIntyre, Lauralyn A; English, Shane W; Rigamonti, Andrea; Lacroix, Jacques; Fergusson, Dean A
18-Jun-2014Red blood cell transfusion in patients with traumatic brain injury: a systematic review protocolBoutin, Amélie; Chassé, Michaël; Shemilt, Michèle; Lauzier, François; Moore, Lynne; Zarychanski, Ryan; Lacroix, Jacques; Fergusson, Dean A; Desjardins, Philippe; Turgeon, Alexis F
17-Feb-2012The quality of research synthesis in surgery: the case of laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancerMartel, Guillaume; Duhaime, Suleena; Barkun, Jeffrey S; Boushey, Robin P; Ramsay, Craig R; Fergusson, Dean A
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