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1-Feb-2017A catalyst for system change: a case study of child health network formation, evolution and sustainability in CanadaMcPherson, Charmaine; Ploeg, Jenny; Edwards, Nancy; Ciliska, Donna; Sword, Wendy
12-Jul-2011A review of equity issues in quantitative studies on health inequalities: the case of asthma in adultsGreenwood, Heather L; Edwards, Nancy; Hoogbruin, Amandah; Kahwa, Eulalia K; Odhiambo, Okeyo N; Buong, Jack A
6-Dec-2017Alliance members’ roles in collective field-building: an assessment of leadership and championship within the Population Health Intervention Research Initiative for CanadaDi Ruggiero, Erica; Kishchuk, Natalie; Viehbeck, Sarah; Edwards, Nancy; Robinson, Kerry; Riley, Barbara; Fowler, Heather S
28-Feb-2017Contextual variations in costs for a community health strategy implemented in rural, peri-urban and nomadic sites in KenyaWafula, Charles O; Edwards, Nancy; Kaseje, Dan C O
31-Mar-2015Decision-making and evidence use during the process of prenatal record review in Canada: a multiphase qualitative studySemenic, Sonia; Edwards, Nancy; Premji, Shahirose; Olson, Joanne; Williams, Beverly; Montgomery, Phyllis
15-Mar-2017Developing consensus measures for global programs: lessons from the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Hypertension research programRiddell, Michaela A; Edwards, Nancy; Thompson, Simon R; Bernabe-Ortiz, Antonio; Praveen, Devarsetty; Johnson, Claire; Kengne, Andre P; Liu, Peter; McCready, Tara; Ng, Eleanor; Nieuwlaat, Robby; Ovbiagele, Bruce; Owolabi, Mayowa; Peiris, David; Thrift, Amanda G; Tobe, Sheldon; Yusoff, Khalid
2010Inequitable walking conditions among older people: Examining the interrelationship of neighbourhood socio-economic status and urban form using a comparative case studyEgan, Mary; Andrew, Caroline; Sveistrup, Heidi; Edwards, Nancy; Grant, Theresa L.
5-Nov-2010Inequitable walking conditions among older people: examining the interrelationship of neighbourhood socio-economic status and urban form using a comparative case studyGrant, Theresa L; Edwards, Nancy; Sveistrup, Heidi; Andrew, Caroline; Egan, Mary
5-Nov-2010Knowledge and views regarding condom use among female garment factory workers in CambodiaWebber, Gail C.; Edwards, Nancy; Amaratunga, Carol; Graham, Ian D.; Keane, Vincent; Ros, Socheat
25-Nov-2010Life in the big city: The multiple vulnerabilities of migrant Cambodian garment factory workers to HIVWebber, Gail C.; Edwards, Nancy; Graham, Ian D.; Amaratunga, Carol; Keane, Vincent; Socheat, Ros
8-Oct-2014Shaped by asymmetrical interdependence: a qualitative case study of the external influences on international non-governmental organizations’ implementation of equity principles in HIV/AIDS workDyke, Elizabeth; Edwards, Nancy; McDowell, Ian; Muga, Richard; Brown, Stephen
3-Aug-2016The impact of leadership hubs on the uptake of evidence-informed nursing practices and workplace policies for HIV care: a quasi-experimental study in Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda and South AfricaEdwards, Nancy; Kaseje, Dan; Kahwa, Eulalia; Klopper, Hester C; Mill, Judy; Webber, June; Roelofs, Susan; Harrowing, Jean
20-Mar-2012The use of tacit and explicit knowledge in public health: a qualitative studyKothari, Anita; Rudman, Debbie; Dobbins, Maureen; Rouse, Michael; Sibbald, Shannon; Edwards, Nancy
18-Aug-2011Uncovering Tacit Knowledge: A Pilot Study to Broaden the Concept of Knowledge in Knowledge TranslationKothari, Anita R; Bickford, Julia J; Edwards, Nancy; Dobbins, Maureen J; Meyer, Mechthild
17-May-2010Unpacking vertical and horizontal integration: childhood overweight/obesity programs and planning, a Canadian perspectiveMacLean, Lynne M; Clinton, Kathryn; Edwards, Nancy; Garrard, Michael; Ashley, Lisa; Hansen-Ketchum, Patti; Walsh, Audrey
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