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2000A Comparison of Methods for Measuring Socio-economic Status by Occupation or Postal AreaDeonandan, Raywat; Ostbye, Truls; Tummon, Ian; Robertson, James; Campbell, Karen
24-May-2012A Pilot Study for Case-Based Learning Among Undergraduate Students in Global HealthDeonandan, Raywat; Jinha, Arif; Benovoy, Jason; Meilleur Sarazin, Michele; Doswell, Jennifer
19-Feb-2012A student-run peer-reviewed journal: an educational tool for students in the health sciencesDeonandan, Raywat; Patel, Premal; Winterbottom, Robyn
24-May-2012An Approach to Comparing Nations for Inclusion of Studies in Health-based Systematic Literature ReviewsDeonandan, Raywat; Schachter, Howard; Ly, Mylan; Lacroix, Denise; Moore, Ceri; Barrowman, Nicholas; Abdulkadir, Idil; Girardi, Alberta
28-Jan-2013An Introduction to the Ethical Dimensions of Reproductive Medical TourismDeonandan, Raywat
1-Feb-2016An Analysis of Canadian Institute for Health Research Funding for Research on Autism Spectrum DisorderDeonandan, Raywat; Liu, Erin Yiran; Kolisnyk, Ben; Konkle, ATM
2014Assisted Reproduction and Cross-Border Maternal Surrogacy Regulations in Selected NationsDeonandan, Raywat; Bente, Andreea
11-Oct-2012Breast Cancer - The Hidden EpidemicDeonandan, Raywat; Ginsburg, Ophira
23-Aug-2012Clinical Complaints amongst Patients in a Guyanese PrisonDeonandan, Raywat; Lockhart, J; Mahony, B; Mindlin, G; Laine-Gossin, J; Audam, N; Nel, L; Sissons, M
Jan-2013Commentary: Obamacare and American National IdentityDeonandan, Raywat
6-Dec-2016The Community Health Worker Model: A Grass-Roots Approach for Measles Prevention in Refugee CampsBaier, Kristina; Deonandan, Raywat
16-Jul-2014Demographic Profile of Travellers Seeking Reproductive Tourism ServicesDeonandan, Raywat; DiRaimo, Samantha
1-Dec-2011Driving Deaths and Injuries Post-9/11Deonandan, Raywat; Backwell, Amber
2007Effectiveness of Neuraminidase Inhibitors for Prevention of InfluenzaDeonandan, Raywat; Mensinkai, Shaila; Hodgson, Amanda
Aug-2014The Epidemiology of Ophthalmological Disease among School Age Children in Rural IndiaVelkers, Clive; Turpin, MacKenzie; Deonandan, Raywat
3-Dec-2012Ethical concerns for maternal surrogacy and reproductive tourismDeonandan, Raywat; Green, S; Van Beinum, A
22-Apr-2015Ethics education for pediatric residents: a review of the literatureDeonandan, Raywat; Khan, Hafsa
7-Feb-2017Factors associated with body mass index among slum dwelling women in India: an analysis of the 2005–2006 Indian National Family Health SurveyPatel, Maya Laxmi; Deonandan, Raywat
2007Factors Associated With Epilepsy in Children With Periventricular LeukomalaciaHumphreys, P; Deonandan, Raywat; Whiting, S; Barrowman, N; Matzinger, MA; Briggs, V; Hurteau, J; Wallace, E
23-Aug-2012Factors associated with staff and physician influenza immunization at a children's hospital in Ontario, CanadaDeonandan, Raywat; Al-Sulaiti, G; Gajaria, A; Suh, KN
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