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1993Creating an export based society: the role of governmentCalof, Jonathan L
1995Creating an export society in South AfricaCalof, Jonathan L; Viviers, Wilma
1995Helping Canadian exports grow: exploiting immigration developed export advantages get the IDEACalof, Jonathan L
1995Helping to develop small and medium sized South African exporters: defining a Canadian roleCalof, Jonathan L; Viviers, Wilma
2006Intelligence: a global comparisonCalof, Jonathan L; Wright, Sheila
1999International information seeking behavior of South African exportersCalof, Jonathan L; Viviers, Wilma
1996Internationalisation behaviour of South African and Italian enterprises: a comparative analysisCalof, Jonathan L; Viviers, Wilma
1994Internationalization behavior of small and medium sized and South African enterprises Part II, Internationalization patternsCalof, Jonathan L; Viviers, Wilma
1993Internationalization behavior of small and medium sized South African enterprises: part 1, Attitudes and export behaviorCalof, Jonathan L
1991Internationalization strategies for the USA and Asia: is there a differenceCalof, Jonathan L
1992Mode change and choice decision making processes test of a life cycle modelCalof, Jonathan L
2007Open source enterprise models: motivations, mechanisms and myths: a discussion paperNash, John C.; Calof, Jonathan L
1997Selling competitive intelligence to top management: a sales kitCalof, Jonathan L
1993Shifting market internationalization strategies: managements perceptions of why firms change modesCalof, Jonathan L
1997So you want to go international? What information do you need and where will you get it?Calof, Jonathan L
2003Statistical process improvement, open-source software, and E-CommerceNash, John C.; Calof, Jonathan L
1994Succeeding internationally with a geocentric attitudeCalof, Jonathan L; Beamish, Paul W.
1999Teaching competitive intelligence: opportunities and needsCalof, Jonathan L
1993The impact of attitudes on international strategic decisionsCalof, Jonathan L
1991The impact of centric attitudes on international performanceCalof, Jonathan L; Beamish, Paul W.
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