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24-Feb-2014Decision aid for patients considering total knee arthroplasty with preference report for surgeons: a pilot randomized controlled trialStacey, Dawn; Hawker, Gillian; Dervin, Geoffrey; Tugwell, Peter; Boland, Laura; Pomey, Marie-Pascale; O’Connor, Annette M; Taljaard, Monica
7-Feb-2015Decision coaching using the Ottawa family decision guide with parents and their children: a field testing studyFeenstra, Bryan; Lawson, Margaret L; Harrison, Denise; Boland, Laura; Stacey, Dawn
19-Jul-2016Development of a decision guide to support the elderly in decision making about location of care: an iterative, user-centered designGarvelink, Mirjam M; Emond, Julie; Menear, Matthew; Brière, Nathalie; Freitas, Adriana; Boland, Laura; Perez, Maria M B; Blair, Louisa; Stacey, Dawn; Légaré, France
14-Jan-2017Impact of home care versus alternative locations of care on elder health outcomes: an overview of systematic reviewsBoland, Laura; Légaré, France; Perez, Maria M B; Menear, Matthew; Garvelink, Mirjam M; McIsaac, Daniel I; Painchaud Guérard, Geneviève; Emond, Julie; Brière, Nathalie; Stacey, Dawn
2-Jul-2016Implementation of a patient decision aid for men with localized prostate cancer: evaluation of patient outcomes and practice variationStacey, Dawn; Taljaard, Monica; Smylie, Jennifer; Boland, Laura; Breau, Rodney H; Carley, Meg; Jana, Kunal; Peckford, Larry; Blackmore, Terry; Waldie, Marian; Wu, Robert C; Legare, France
23-Apr-2014Interventions to support children’s engagement in health-related decisions: a systematic reviewFeenstra, Bryan; Boland, Laura; Lawson, Margaret L; Harrison, Denise; Kryworuchko, Jennifer; Leblanc, Michelle; Stacey, Dawn
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