About uO Research

uO Research is the University of Ottawa's digital archive for research and teaching materials created by the uOttawa community and its affiliated partners. It provides open and permanent access to uOttawa scholarship thereby ensuring its wide dissemination and increased visibility on the web. We invite all faculty, graduate students and researchers to contribute their scholarly works to uO Research.

It includes, but is not limited to, theses, articles, working papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers, research posters, teaching materials and data sets in various digital formats. uOttawa Research is organized around communities and sub-communities which generally correspond to administrative entities such as faculties, departments and research institutes. Each community has the flexibility to set policies on what they would like included in their uO Research collections.

Research deposited in uO Research receives a permanent URL that will never change or break. Documents in the repository can be linked to from a resume or personal webpage and students and researchers can easily link with confidence to the full text of work in the repository from their bibliographies. uO Research content is also preserved for future scholars using the best techniques for data management and digital preservation.

uO Research is built through partnerships between the Library and uOttawa academic and research communities to populate collections in the repository with scholarly content. The first partnership was between the Library, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and Computing and Communication Services to develop an E-thesis submission process.

We invite all uOttawa faculty, graduate students and researchers to contribute their research and teaching materials to uO Research. If you have a collection of digital documents you feel would be appropriate, please contact: ruor@uottawa.ca.

uO Reseach is powered by DSpace.