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23-Jun-2014Impact of stated barriers on proposed warfarin prescription for atrial fibrillation: a survey of Canadian physiciansNicholls, Stuart G; Brehaut, Jamie C; Arim, Rubab G; Carroll, Kelly; Perez, Richard; Shojania, Kaveh G; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Poses, Roy M
20-Jun-2014Design, implementation, and evaluation of a knowledge translation intervention to increase organ donation after cardiocirculatory death in Canada: a study protocolSquires, Janet E; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Taljaard, Monica; Linklater, Stefanie; Chassé, Michaël; Shemie, Sam D; Knoll, Gregory A
19-Jun-2014The use of segmented regression in analysing interrupted time series studies: an example in pre-hospital ambulance careTaljaard, Monica; McKenzie, Joanne E; Ramsay, Craig R; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
24-May-2014Improving Diabetes care through Examining, Advising, and prescribing (IDEA): protocol for a theory-based cluster randomised controlled trial of a multiple behaviour change intervention aimed at primary healthcare professionalsPresseau, Justin; Hawthorne, Gillian; Sniehotta, Falko F; Steen, Nick; Francis, Jill J; Johnston, Marie; Mackintosh, Joan; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Kaner, Eileen; Elovainio, Marko; Deverill, Mark; Coulthard, Tom; Brown, Heather; Hunter, Margaret; Eccles, Martin P
23-May-2014Efficacy and safety of mesenchymal stromal cells in preclinical models of acute lung injury: a systematic review protocolLalu, Manoj M; Moher, David; Marshall, John; Fergusson, Dean; Mei, Shirley H; Macleod, Malcolm; Griffin, Gilly; Turgeon, Alexis F; Rudnicki, Michael; Fishman, Jason; Avey, Marc T; Skidmore, Becky; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Stewart, Duncan J; Singh, Kavita; McIntyre, Lauralyn
5-Feb-2014Variability in research ethics review of cluster randomized trials: a scenario-based survey in three countriesTaljaard, Monica; Brehaut, Jamie C; Weijer, Charles; Boruch, Robert; Donner, Allan; Eccles, Martin P; McRae, Andrew D; Saginur, Raphael; Zwarenstein, Merrick; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
17-Jan-2014No more ‘business as usual’ with audit and feedback interventions: towards an agenda for a reinvigorated interventionIvers, Noah M; Sales, Anne; Colquhoun, Heather; Michie, Susan; Foy, Robbie; Francis, Jill J; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
17-Dec-2013Feedback GAP: pragmatic, cluster-randomized trial of goal setting and action plans to increase the effectiveness of audit and feedback interventions in primary careIvers, Noah M; Tu, Karen; Young, Jacqueline; Francis, Jill J; Barnsley, Jan; Shah, Baiju R; Upshur, Ross E; Moineddin, Rahim; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Zwarenstein, Merrick
19-Aug-2013Evidence-based care of older people with suspected cognitive impairment in general practice: protocol for the IRIS cluster randomised trialMcKenzie, Joanne E; French, Simon D; O’Connor, Denise A; Mortimer, Duncan S; Browning, Colette J; Russell, Grant M; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Eccles, Martin P; Francis, Jill J; Michie, Susan; Murphy, Kerry; Kossenas, Fiona; Green, Sally E
6-Aug-2013What supports do health system organizations have in place to facilitate evidence-informed decision-making? a qualitative studyEllen, Moriah E; Léon, Gregory; Bouchard, Gisèle; Lavis, John N; Ouimet, Mathieu; Grimshaw, Jeremy M