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2015Hegel's History of Philosophy: Wisdom and FreedomReid, Jeffrey
2010How Reinhold Helped Hegel Understand the German Enlightenment and Grasp the Pantheism ControversyReid, Jeffrey
2013How the Dreaming Soul Became the Feeling Soul, Between the 1827 and 1830 Editions of Hegel’s Philosophy of Subjective Spirit: Empirical Psychology and the late EnlightenmentReid, Jeffrey
Apr-2014The Hobbesian Ethics of Hegel's Sense-CertaintyReid, Jeffrey
Dec-2016Insight and the Enlightenment: Why "Einsicht" in Chapter Six of Hegel's Phenomenology?Reid, Jeffrey
2011Rousseau et la poésie romantique de Friedrich Schlegel : le philosophe dans les fragments de l’AthenäumReid, Jeffrey
2-Aug-2014Comets and Moons: The For-another in Hegel’s Philosophy of NatureReid, Jeffrey
22-Mar-2017Reason and Revelation: Absolute Agency and the Limits of Actuality in HegelReid, Jeffrey
2017Anthony of Parma's Quaestio utrum primum principium sive Deus ipse sit potentie infinite: an Introduction and EditionCôté, Antoine
2013La critique de la doctrine de l'abstraction de Jacques de ViterbeCôté, Antoine
2016Bernard of Auvergne on James of Viterbo's Doctrine of Possibles: with a Critical Edition of Bernard's Reprobatio of James's Quodlibet 1, question 5Côté, Antoine
1-Apr-2016On the relation between Herder's idealism and his theory of the soul-body relationshipDeSouza, Nigel
2015The metaphysics and epistemology of the young HerderDeSouza, Nigel
2015Ethical Naturalism and Human RightsDeSouza, Nigel
Sep-2014The soul-body relationship and the foundations of morality: Herder contra MendelssohnDeSouza, Nigel
2015Charles Taylor and Ethical NaturalismDeSouza, Nigel
2008Fichte against Kant in the system of EthicsThomas-Fogiel, Isabelle
2008Spatialiser nos concepts. La tentative de Merleau-PontyThomas-Fogiel, Isabelle
2012Fichte and the contemporary transcendental arguments debateThomas-Fogiel, Isabelle
2011"The call in the thought of Lévinas, Marion and Chrétien: description of a phenomenon or deconstruction of a tradition?"Thomas-Fogiel, Isabelle