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2-Feb-2017The Silent Epidemic: Assessing Policy Equilibrium and Punctuation on the Issue of Sport-Related ConcussionsQuirion, Alex
1-Feb-2017La réponse Canadienne aux arrivées de demandeurs d'asile par bateau: Une analyse critique des changements législatifs et réglementaires apportés entre 1985 et 2015Genest, Jean-Michel
11-Jan-2017La Françafrique, un nouveau visage ?Coulibaly, Aïcha Myriam
11-Jan-2017The Strategies of Cyberterrorism: Is Cyberterrorism an effective means to Achieving the Goals of Terrorists?Chuipka, Adam
15-Jan-2016Addressing Inequities in the International Refugee Regime: Exploring Burden Sharing Strategies to Improve Refugee ProtectionLessard, Brianna
13-Jan-2016The Right to Privacy in Media Discourse: American and Canadian Reporting on the Snowden DisclosuresSmith, Kiersten-Lee
17-Oct-2016Indigenous Access to Post-Secondary Education:How Federal Policy Can Help Close the GapBekenn, Clare
14-Oct-2016Motivations for Terrorism in Canada and Possible Implications for PolicyDuBroy, Emily
14-Oct-2016L'accroissement du recours aux nouvelles technologies électorales en réponse au morcellement de l'espace démocratique au CanadaVermette, Gabriel
14-Oct-2016Strategy, Coercion and the Effectiveness of Airstrikes in Counterinsurgency CampaignsRitchie, Robert Matthew
14-Oct-2016Global Ambitions: The Rise of Islamic State Affiliates and Countering ExpansionMyers, Laurel
14-Oct-2016Addressing the Social and Political Embeddedness of CorruptionMayo, Joshua Andrew Jay
14-Oct-2016The Harper Administration’s Securitization of IranMasaeli, Soha
14-Oct-2016Philosophie et développement: de nouvelles perspectivesLemelin-Bellerose, Sarah
14-Oct-2016Strategies for Managing Government Microblogs:A Critical Study of 29 Provincial Weibos in ChinaHou, Runtian
14-Oct-2016Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Strengths and Weaknesses for Sustainable Development and Resource Governance in Sub-Saharan AfricaHeffernan, Andrew
14-Oct-2016Demand Response in the Ontario Electricity MarketGresch, Darren
14-Oct-2016A Tale of Two Parties: Assessing Similarities and Differences Between the Rise of France’s Front National and the United Kingdom Independence PartyBrynen, David
14-Oct-2016Analyse de l’impact potentiel du mécanisme de règlement des différends entre les investisseurs et les États de l’Accord économique et commercial global sur l’environnement au CanadaBabou, Winnie
14-Oct-2016Learning to be Green: A Study of the Olympic GamesAshton, Natalie