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2017The Role of Six1 in Transcriptional Regulation during MyogenesisLiu, Yubing
2017Functional and Structural Insights into the First and Second Intracellular Domains for D1-Class Dopaminergic ReceptorsZhang, Boyang
2017The Use of Technology in Nursing: A Grounded Theory for Getting a PictureNagel, Daniel
2017Investigating Gene-Gene and Gene-Environment Interactions in the Association Between Overnutrition and Obesity-Related PhenotypesTessier, François
2017Targeting the Process of c-MYC Stabilization in Chronic Myelogenous LeukemiaSunohara, Maxwell
2017Characterizing Cellular Responses During Oncolytic Maraba Virus InfectionHassanzadeh, Golnoush
2017The Role of lysine Acetylation on the Regulation of Phospholipid Homeostasis in YeastDacquay, Louis
2017Context Matters: Work, Health, and Quality of Life of Regulated Home-Based Childcare Workers in Quebec & OntarioStitou, Mariam
2017Access to Tuberculosis Treatment for Migrant and Refugee Populations in Tak province, ThailandTschirhart, Naomi
2017Improving Convergence and Aggregation in National Ecosystem AccountingBordt, Michael
2017Ly49 Receptors and MHC-I Interactions, and their Implications in Cancer ImmunosurveillanceTu, Megan Mai
2017Characterizing the Impact of Glucose Deprivation on the Lysine Acetyltransferase Complex NuA4Czosniak, David
2017L’accord de collaboration Opinagow : une enquête sur les enjeux de sa mise en œuvreGauthier, Mathieu
2017End-of-Career Practice Patterns of Primary Care Physicians in OntarioSimkin, Sarah
2017Managing Transitions of Care: An Examination of Parents’ and Providers’ Perspectives on the Transitions of Care of Neonatal Patients from the Neonatal Intensive Care UnitManogaran, Myuri
2017The Role of Focal Adhesion Kinase in Breast Cancer Mediated OsteolysisLandon, Katelyn
2017Prevalence and Determinants of Food Insecurity and Its Impact on Diet Quality in African and Caribbean School-Aged Children in OttawaTarraf, Diana
2017Effect of Periodontal Therapy on Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysisLiu, Wenfei
2017Examining Parkinson’s Disease Linked DJ-1 and its Interaction with Autophagy Related ATG5 and ATG12 & Understanding PINK1’s Functional Interaction with Mitochondrial m-AAA Protease AFG3L2Seegobin, Matthew
2016Exploiting the Antitumor Immune Response Using IL-12 Armed Oncolytic MG1 Virus In An Infected Cell VaccineAlkayyal, Almohanad