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2017Preventing Childhood Drownings in Backyard, Residential Pools: Understanding Stakeholders' Roles in Knowledge Mobilization and the Creation of a 2017 Protable Pool Safety Social Marketing Campaign in Ottawa, ONValentino, Kylie
2017d-Limonene, a Renewable Component for Polymer SynthesisRen, Shanshan
2017The Unexpected Experience: Positive Minority Perceptions and Experiences of PolicingBediako, Geremy
2017Toxicokinetics and Bioaccumulation of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Wood Frog Tadpoles (Lithobates sylvaticus) Exposed to Athabasca Oil Sands SedimentBilodeau, Julie
2017Improving Energy Efficiency and Bandwidth Utilization in Data Center Networks Using Segment RoutingGhuman, Karanjot Singh
2017On Role Assignment for Participatory Sensing SystemGarg, Anubhuti
2017La mise en forme des situations problèmes. Étude sur la formulation des manquements en établissement carcéralDanais-Raymond, Esther
2017Simulated Power Study of ANCOVA vs. Repeated Measure Analyses for Two-Way Designs with one Repeated MeasureLemay, Julien
2017Le savoir médical dans La peste d'Albert Camus, La quarantaine de J.M.G. Le Clézio et Les trois médecins de Martin WincklerStevenson, Laura
2017Probabilistic Approach for Design Optimization of Prestressed Girder Bridges Using Multi-Purpose Computer-Aided ModelAl-Delaimi, Yassin
2017Pre-Service Teachers' Perspectives: Discussion Boards to Foster Critical Thinking and Knowledge GrowthMcElroy, Brianna
2017Status Consumption in High Tech Products Upgrading Purchase: A Study of the Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour Model.Gu, Cheng
2017Understanding Family Involvement in Adult Inpatient Traumatic Brain Injury RehabilitationEady, Kaylee
2017The Media Discourses of Concussions in the National Hockey LeagueCabot, Jonathan
2017Ontogenetic and Gender Dimensions in a Normative Study of the Dreams of CanadiansDale, Allyson
2017Using Surficial Geochemical Methods to Detect Anomalies of Ore Indicator Metals in a Peat Bog at McIlvenna Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada, as a Method for Blind VMS Deposit ExplorationDunbar, Alyssa C.
2017Methylmercury and Paraquat Induced Toxicity in the Mitochondria of Dopamine NeuronsSharin, Tasnia
2017Methods for Non-invasive Trustworthy Estimation of Arterial Blood PressureKoohi, Iraj
2017Integrating Solid-State Nanopore Sensors within Various Microfluidic Arrays for Single-Molecule DetectionTahvildari, Radin
2017The Role of Particle Size and Concentration in Defining the Flow Structure of Turbidity Currents and the Morphology of their Deposits: Insights from Computed TomographyTilston, Michael Christopher