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2017Study of Electrostatic Charging and Particle Wall Fouling in a Pilot-scale Pressurized Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed up to Turbulent Flow RegimeSong, Di
2017Privacy-Preserving Location-Aware Data Availability and Access Authorization in Public Safety Broadband NetworksGhafghazi, Hamidreza
2017Plasmon-Mediated Photothermal Phenomena and Nanofabrication of Applicable DevicesMarquez Soto, Daniela Trinidad
2017Nitrifying MBBR Performance Optimization in Temperate Climates Through Understanding Biofilm Morphology and MicrobiomeYoung, Bradley
2017Characterizing Performance of the Radar System for Breathing and Heart Rate Estimation in Real-Life ConditionsZhang, Xinyang
2017Generation of Vortex Beam Superpositions Using Angular GratingsDicaire, Marie-Claude
2017Burial and Exhumation History of the Mackenzie Mountains and Plain, NWT, Through Integration of Low-Temperature ThermochronometersPowell, Jeremy
2017Etiological Beliefs about Illness in Panic Disorder: Relationship with Baseline Demographic and Clinical Characteristics and Impact on Treatment ResponseEl Amiri, Sawsane
2017Bias in Parental Reports? The Moderating Effect of Parents’ Childhood Peer Victimization on Their Reports of Their Child’s Current Experiences with Bullying and Depression SymptomsDubeau, Katherine
2017Longitudinal Associations Between Psychopathy, Bullying, Homophobic Taunting, and Sexual Harassment in AdolescenceFree, Abigail
2017Do We Need a Clinical Decision Rule for Acute Aortic Syndrome?Ohle, Robert
2017Translating the Environment: A Comparative Analysis of Monolingual Corpora and Corpus-Based Resources, their Usability and their Effectiveness in Improving Translation Students’ Comprehension and Usage of Specialized Terminology in the Field of the EnvironmentStentaford, Allison
2017Parameter Constraints on Homomorphic Encryption Over the IntegersPabstel, Melanie Anne
2017Commission Charbonneau : la reconstitution des rôles des entreprises dans le scandale de la construction au QuébecTudosa, Alina
2017Pictorial Visualization System with Patient Portal for Problem-based Electronic Medical RecordSuo, Jiaren
2017Le rapport du coroner du Québec : Un discours complexe de déresponsabilisation policière sur les décès causés par le SPVM.Michel, Linda
2017A Romantic Relationship Perspective on Self-Injury in Young AdulthoodCaron, Angela
2017Vulnerability of Reinforced Concrete Columns to External Blast LoadingAl-Bayti, Abdullah
2017Dissection of TLR4-Induced Necroptosis Using Specific Inhibitors of Endocytosis and P38 MAPKAriana, Ardeshir
2017A Geochemical and Isotopic Investigation of Micrometre-Thin Rims of Zircon from the North Caribou Superterrane, Western Superior Province, CanadaKelly, Colter Joseph